Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WW#96 – Connection

From last weekend’s PhotoHunt
From my very first WW, back in Dec/2007
It’s a different angle, but it’s the same boat… I hadn’t noticed it was in the first picture until Jams ODonnell mentioned it
More pictures from Dianne, Carleen, Napaboaniya, Grampy and Jams ODonnell


  1. Great shot. There's something about ship wrecks.

  2. In the first picture the ship was the second thing I noticed.. Growing up around boats it's something I notice.. Lovely pictures btw

  3. I wonder if the boat moves around in the surf any. What a wreck . Love those rocks but looks as though they turned out treacherous.

  4. looks like the shipwreck was left a mystery. happy WW!

  5. I am surprised it is still there. You would think the surf would break it up.
    Great Picture


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