Monday, July 20, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #56 – This is my world

USA19/Jul/2009 – Florencia (5)
We were on our way to Washington DC (to my brother’s place) on Sunday evening. About 45 minutes into our trip, we got to a point in Highway 6 in which we have to go down a long and steep hill. While you’re at the top, you have a very beautiful view of the city of Hamilton, and parts of Lake Ontario as well.
That was very interesting for Florencia, and it certainly looked like she had seen it for the first time, as she exclaimed:
- Whoa… you can see the whole world from here!
Argentina19/Jul/2009 – Florencia (5)
Estábamos camino a Washington DC (a la casa de mi hermano) el domingo por la tardecita. Unos 45 minutos después de salir de casa, llegamos a un punto en la Autopista 6 en la que descendemos por una larga y pronunciada colina. Mientras uno está aún arriba, se ve una hermosa postal de la ciudad de Hamilton, y  hasta partes del lago Ontario.
Se ve que todo esto resultó muy interesante para Florencia, y dio toda la impresión de que había visto esto por primera vez, porque exclamó:
- Guau… se ve todo el mundo desde acá!
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  1. That is a gorgeous view! I don't blame Florencia for thinking that.

    Thanks for always finding the time to share a story every week! I hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip!! :)

  2. Reporto que visite el blog, ley el articulo de hy. No tengo mayores comentarios.Aunque me gusto.


  3. In about two weeks (first week of December) I'm going on a trip to Washington DC with some friends. I was wondering what shoes should I pack. Should I bring my boots (Uggs) or should I bring my tennis shoes (New Balance)? Or should I bring both? I want to pack as light as possible and I think they are both super comfortable to walk in.

  4. I see a similar view on my way home at night. It really is my whole world :-)


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