Sunday, November 18, 2007

Santa Claus parade in Waterloo

It was really cold yesterday, but we still went to the Santa Claus parade in Uptown Waterloo. Oh, yes, I forgot, Waterloo doesn't have a 'downtown', that would be Kitchener. Since both cities are just next to each other (Waterloo in the North, and Kitchener to the South), they had decided to say that Kitchener has a 'downtown', but Waterloo has an 'uptown'.
Going back to the topic, we left home late; it was around 9:30 and I thought we wouldn't get to see a lot, as the Thanksgiving Day parade normally starts at around 8:45. But to my surprise, we arrived to the place and the parade hadn't even started yet, and it didn't until about 10:00.

So here are a few pictures I took..

Hacía frío ayer, pero de todos modos fuimos al desfile de Papá Noel en Uptown Waterloo. No lo había mencionado, pero sí, Waterloo no tiene 'downtown', eso le pertenece a Kitchener. Como las dos ciudades estan pegadas una a la otra (Waterloo en el Norte y Kitchener hacia el Sur), se ha establecido que Kitchener tiene un 'downtown', pero Waterloo tiene 'uptown'.
Volviendo al tema, salimos tarde de casa; eran como las 9:30 y yo pensé que nos íbamos a perder casi todo, porque el desfile del Día de Acción de Gracias normalmente arranca a las 8:45. Pero para mi sorpresa, llegamos y el desfile no había empezado aún, y no lo hizo hasta alrededor de las 10:00.

Aquí están las fotos que tomé...

Florencia is dressed up to the occasion.

Santi drinking mate, in true
Argentine spirit.

Getting ready to watch...

Here's the proof that we actually saw the whole thing. It's probably the first time...

Walking in style, eh? This Shriners band is one of my
favourites. Juan likes them too.

And a few more pictures...

Whenever they were giving stuff away,
my kids would put their hands first
and then ask what it was.
They just love swag.

Here comes Santa... but no sight of Mrs. Claus. I heard through the grapevine that things are not going well at the Claus Mansion. And Prancer was involved. I heard.

Santi, me and Juan. I notice I'm balding faster than what I thought...

Gaby, Florencia and half of Carolina.
I'm a terrible photographer...

Once again, the parade finished in true Canadian form...

...with the cleaning truck making sure the street would look the same it did before it started. First World, dude.

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  1. Ja! me causo gracia el "First World, dude" :D


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