Sunday, October 14, 2007

Longest soccer game in the world

Once again, they're having the 'longest soccer game in the world' in Necochea, my hometown. It's part of the celebrations for the 126th anniversary of the city, and this time they're going to play for 46 hours straight; they started at 1PM local time today, and the game will end at 11AM on Monday.

According to Ecos Diarios, some 1,300 players will take part of this event, with very well known local players among them. For example, there will be players from 'my' soccer team Estación Quequén, which is the only local team to ever make it to the Second Division of Argentina, back in 1989.

Media from Buenos Aires, other places in South America and even Poland are commenting on this effort to get into the Guiness Book of Records, which is being broadcast locally (and maybe internationally, I'm not sure) by Fox Sports Channel.

I wish I were there, if only for half an hour, just to kick the ball around and participate of such an historic event.

All the links I found are in Spanish, though. I could not find anything in English yet...


  1. Che, el arbitro quien es?
    Aguantará Nimo todo ese tiempo?

  2. Qué bueno que preguntaste, porque me olvidé de mencionarlo! Los jugadores serán 1200 y pico, pero los referís son sólo tres, que se están turnando para dirigir.

    El año pasado, en que el partido duró 26 horas, el referí fue uno solo...

  3. Te la regalo estar 26 horas dirigiendo un partido... :S
    Ese flaco si que es un record!


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