Friday, October 12, 2007


It happened about two hours ago. I was talking about our weekend plans with a co-worker and tried to say something like "Hopefully, I get to wake up late tomorrow". Instead, I came up with "Hopefully, mañana I get to wake up early".

In just one sentence, I used a Spanish word (mañana instead of tomorrow), the opposite adverb (early instead of late) and I spoke in hyperbaton (altering the order of the words so you end sounding like Yoda from Star Wars).

I then went back to my cubicle to see if I had left my brain there.


  1. I do that all the tiempo...

  2. waves!

    japens ol de taim loco! Ai beter go to vacunar la carpeta!


  3. Je hablo comme tsa tout le tiempo.
    orrebuar 'es amis


    Muy Bien!
    Gran lift que le diste a tu blog.
    Se ve chevere, cojonudo, padrisimo!!
    Esas hojas de fondo me encantaron.

  4. Epa! Muchas gracias, Arturo... la mayoría de los cambios que hice fueron porque borré gran parte de él por error... :-)

    Pero quedó bien, no?


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