Friday, October 05, 2007

Cost of living

I love my Shrimp flavoured chips from Nong Shim. They're tasty, yet light. They are even good for my diet, as the whole package is worth 8 WeightWatchers points, and it will take me the whole day to eat the whole 75 grams. At a cost of $1.59, it's a good snack (and a damn good complement to my beloved Combo #6 from Ming's).

That until today. I succumbed to temptation once again and went to buy one. I noticed that the package looked somewhat smaller, so I checked the weight. It's 45 grams now. But the price is the same!!! The calculation is easy, even my daughter can do it with her 'creative approach' to Mathematics.

* Previous price = $1.59 -> divided by 75 g -> 1.59/75 = 2.12 -> $0.0212 per gram
* Current price = $1.59 -> divided by 45 g -> 1.59/45 = 3.53 -> $0.053 per gram

Price increase in %: ((3.53 / 2.12) - 1) * 100 = 66.51 (in reality, 75/45 is 1.66666...)

And then they say there's virtually no inflation in Canada!!! They probably got the folks at Argentina's INDEC to calculate the cost of living for them...

I did find one of the 'old' packages in the pile, so I bought that one. Here's a picture of me and my snacks saying good-bye to each other (watch me pout). The sad part is that I know I might end buying those damn snacks again...


  1. I bet that Shawn would love those in any size. Where can I find them? He is guarenteed to get the whole bag to himself no matter what size...I wouldn't eat those on a dare :)

  2. Oh God! I cannot believe sucha sad face! What are they doing to you? Revolution! Let's go and take the place until we have the old price again!!!


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