Friday, March 02, 2007

Freezing rain

The bad weather continues. We had a lot of freezing rain falling between yesterday and last night, which resulted in the (almost) impossible: there was no school today.

You couldn't really see a thing on the way back home last night, and the roads were well beyond terrible. Still, there's some things about freezing rain that I love, even though I know how dangerous it is. But I love the sound of the ice falling on top of the snow or hitting the windows, and the way the trees and powerlines look after the storm. I'm looking at a little tree I have in front of my desk here, and it looks beautiful.

Meanwhile, Gaby and the kids are at home. Gaby preparing all the food for tonight's event, and the kids probably playing in the snow or watching some TV.

I'm tired, so I wish I was home too. At least I'll get to sleep a little tomorrow, unless Florencia has other plans for me.

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