Friday, October 02, 2009

PhotoHunt #54 - Words

For today’s post, I took some pictures from the fantastic website “Proyecto Cartele”, that contains funny, odd and cryptic signs that people submit (mostly from Argentina). I hope you like them!
Para el post de hoy me traje algunas fotos del fantástico website “Proyecto Cartele”, que contiene carteles divertidos, raros y crípticos enviados por la gente que los lee (la mayoría de Argentina). Espero que les guste!
To all patrons (club and swimming pool): Do not poop in the showers, don’t be a pig.
That’s what the washrooms are for. Dry your body before leaving the shower.
A big crisis is looming. Play soccer and forget about everything.
Ladies with the (red spot), please refrain from using the pool
A favourite of mine: ‘Jobs were created for those who don’t know how to fish’
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  1. 2nd photo makes me smile :D

    thanks drop at my ph post

  2. That is a fascinting selection of photos. Mercifully I don't know anyone who does that in a shower! Happy weekend

  3. Great selection of photos to the theme.

  4. Fascinating signs...some are just unbelievable...
    Mine's up, too...

  5. They're all rather amusing, but number three wouldn't be a problem if tampons were more popular in Argentina. I told you this was a national crisis. lol

  6. I love those! They are hilarious. I tend to photograph signs that capture my attention for various reasons and used some of them for this week's photo post. By the way, I'm glad you put the English translations.

  7. Muy gráfico el tercero, pero el primero está buenísimo.
    Como no me gusta pescar tengo que trabajar y, a pesar de mi edad avanzada, hago lo que dice el segundo.

  8. Thank goodness I've never come across that in a shower! LOL. Great selection of words.

  9. Haha! I love the second one! yesyes!!

    My Photo Hunters post is up. I hope you have time to visit!

    have a great weekend.

  10. gabriel, te canto dos que recuerdo de mi barrio , de hace mas de 35 años:
    se asen poso negro i sanja a domisilio;
    arreglo ventiladores, motores, lavarropas, planchas, y radios masomenos.

  11. Buenísimo, yo también son fana del Proyecto Cartele y he enviado alguna que otra foto, todavía no me las publicaron... :(

    Muy interesante tu blog, Gabriel.

    Te voy a agregar a mi lista.

  12. LOL~~~

    I work around swimming pools and I must say, that signage should be placed at every pool!!! :P

  13. Lol. I love the last one. I think that Spencer and Cody would too!


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