Saturday, August 30, 2014


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CanadaA couple of days ago I ordered Chinese food at Ming’s, my favourite restaurant in the region. As I mentioned before, I have become so predictable that the lady takes my order even before I say anything. She says she recognizes me because I’m the only one who says ‘please’ and the end of every sentence (What? Aren’t we in Canada?). This time was no exception.
Now I had a surprise when I started to eat: my fortune cookie was empty inside. I read somewhere that this is an sign of bad luck. But if we are literal, it should mean that I have no luck, right?
So… what is it? Am I out of luck or just plain cursed? Meh, like I would believe in these things…
Hace unos días pedí comida china en Ming’s, mi restaurante favorito en la región. Como dije antes, me he vuelto tan predecible que la señora me toma la orden incluso antes de que la pida. Dice que me reconoce porque yo soy el único que dice ‘por favor’ al final de cada pregunta (Pero cómo?, No estamos en Canada?). Esta vez no fue la excepción.
La sorpresa me la llevé cuando comencé a comer: mi galletita de la fortuna estaba vacía por dentro, no tenía papelito. Leí por  ahí que eso trae mala suerte. Pero si somos literales, la aunsencia del papelito debiera significar que no tengo más suerte, no?
Así que… en qué quedamos? Se me acabó la suerte o estoy maldito? Bueno, como si uno creyera en estas cosas…

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WW#337 - Sea foam

A big storm in my hometown (Necochea, Argentina) has sent the sea foam all across the beach
and into the streets. Look at those umbrellas, it looks like the ‘sea of foam’ is a good 1.5 m (5 ft) tall!
All pictures by Analía Rodriguez

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Silly Monkey Stories #259 – Pun wars

(En español más abajo)
Canada08/Aug/2014 – Carolina (17) 
Both Carolina and I like to play with words, especially if they turn into really bad jokes. Lately, we have been engaging in pun wars in which we only use names of cities, states or countries. During our trip to Ottawa, we had one of our typical battles:
- Are we gonna stop soon? I’m a little Hungary…
- Oh, that was so clever… let me get a Pennsylvania to write it down
- You don’t have one? Alaska Mom…
- I had a few… but it seems that they have been all stolen… Oregon…
The quality of the jokes was decreasing fast (well, it wasn’t that great at the beginning anyway)
- You know… Santi owes some new soccer shoes, but Iowa New Jersey
- I think I’m going to have a Turkey sandwich, because they’re not too Greece-y
- Take your time. No need to Russia
- There is Norway I’m going to Finnish my food right now. Kenya help me?
- No, sorry. I’m Ghana go now
Suddenly, I got inspired:
- You know, I have been reading a lot of books lately. I am about to finish one right now.
- …
- It’s Paris Hilton’s autobiography. You know what’s the title of the book?
- No…
- Idaho!
Game, set, match for me. She totally conceded at that point.
I hope I don’t have to explain this one!
Argentina08/Ago/2014 – Carolina (17) 
Lo lamento, este post no se puede traducir al español de manera efectiva. Espero que puedan leerlo en inglés! :-)
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Silly Monkey Stories #258 - Moustache

(En español más abajo)
USA04/Aug/2014 – Florencia (10)
One of the things I love the most about Flor is that she is a 10 year old girl.  She is not a “young lady”, a “tween” or any of those terms we use to refer to girls these days. She still behaves like a 10 year old girl, plays like a 10 year old girl and loves being silly only like a 10 year old girl can be. Granted, there are talks about boys and stuff, but I ignore that stuff. One day I heard her talking about a boy she lik LALALALALALALALA!!! NOT LISTENING!!!
The other night, we were having dinner when she rolled a paper towel and wore it as a moustache. That’s the kind of silliness I love… and I know exactly where she got from.
Argentina04/Ago/2014 – Florencia (10) 
Una de las cosas que más me gustan de Flor es que ella es una nena de 10 años. No es una “señorita”, o “tween” o esas palabras que usan para referirse a las niñas de esta edad hoy en día. Ella aún se comporta como una nena de 10 años, juega como una nena ed 10 años y le gusta hacer cosas tontas como sólo una nena de 10 años puede. Seguro, ya han habido charlas sobre chicos, pero yo ignoro el tema. Una vez la escuché hablar de un chico que le gust LALALALALALALA!!! NO PUEDO ESCUCHAR NADA!!!
La otra noche, estábamos cenando cuando enrolló la servilleta de papel y se la puso de bigote. Esa es la clase de chiquilladas que me encantan…y sé muy bien de dónde las sacó.
20140804_205843 20140804_205835
 20140804_205737 20140804_205723
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