Monday, December 31, 2007


That's it. 2007 is about to end. It's time to make a balance. Was this a good year for you? I normally have a hard time trying to remember what happened in the year that is about to end, but I have some extra help this time: my blog!

So let's recap and pick some old stories that will help me come up with an answer to the "was this a good year?" question:

  • I didn't write anything! It must have been a quiet one.
  • This was the month when I decided to be a little more consistent about my blogging. I started to travel because of my new position, and had some mixed feelings about it ("I'm a horrible father").
  • My favourite post so far was written on April 22, and it's about me and my kids singing in public on a Sat night, and me and my dad 'singing' together the following day. Love is stronger than everything, including death.
  • The kids -including Florencia- started going to a new school, and they liked it very much. They still do!
  • We finally got a break from soccer; yes, it lasted 'bout two weeks.
  • I found proof of how well they knew Santi in other cities. I think Santi's performance was probably the story of the summer for us. And he's a strong candidate for the "Man of the Year" award at home.
  • I wrote about Florencia and how smart she is. Even today, I can't get her to say the word "perro" (dog), because she knows I'm going to tickle her.
  • I wrote a post I liked very much, about "paying the price".
  • My breakout month with 65 posts, and some were very popular!
  • Facundo Ziegler cracks me up with his superheroes choices.
  • Carolina is a math wizard. Another extremely funny story. And some people say that my blog wasn't happy before! If anything, they're copying me. Sigh...
  • Oktoberfest was fun...
  • It was my seventh anniversary in Canada. I finally followed Guillermo Ziegler's advice and started to write about our first year in Canada. This story was probably the most popular thing I've ever written here. Here's the link to the first post, but even better, here's the whole story (and here in Spanish)
  • Gaby was on TV again!
  • We celebrated Hallowe'en, and I even won second prize at the Hallowe'en Parade at work.
  • I wrote another popular episodic post about my accident, titled "The longest trip" (PDF versions of this due).
  • Gaby can certainly cook, and my readers liked what they saw.
  • My report on the Quilapayún concert in Kitchener is the most popular post so far. People are still coming from all over the world to read it. Interestingly enough, it's one of the few with no comments! :-)
  • Another very popular one (the second ever, actually) was my report on the Santa Claus Parade in Waterloo.
  • Santi was called up to the "A" team. He struggled with his feelings for quite some time, but ended jumping ships. He played his first game against Orangeville and they won 4-1.
  • He also opened his own weblog. It's called "Soccer Crazy". Go pay him a visit!
  • Juan had the week of his life, and I wrote about it. His birthday party was a hoot, in spite of some of his friends' behaviour.
  • My grandfather Pepe passed away at 96, and my post became some sort of an online tribute for all of us who were away.
  • In a desperate effort to have a "happy" blog, I posted a funny story about how we celebrate Christmas in Argentina. Forget all my previous stories, it seems that happiness was invented in Quebec. The thing is that nothing I read in there seems to be funny, at least not to me...
Hey. What a great year I had!!! Hope you all have a fantastic 2008! Yes, even you, 'happy boy'.

Perdón, pero hoy no escribo en español. No se enojen... :-)


  1. Friend: I don't give you any award. Alejandra, Ana and Biddie had given the award.
    Since January'2007, welcome to +40's club.
    It's a great job posting in one language, to do in two, are double work. You give any time for have a rest.

  2. You're right, I screwed up. You gave it to Santi! :-)

    Another sign that I'm getting old...


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