Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WW#221 – No mistletoe required

The lights are purple, but appear blue here. Go figure…
Las luces son violetas, pero acá salen azules. Vaya uno a saber… 


  1. Great minds think alike... kinda. lol.

    I just learned that we have it everywhere here! Only I haven't figured out how to capture it perfectly as they are always way high in those trees.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. SO sweet, looks to be a very happy holiday already wishing you all the best and a Happy New Year

  3. I am following the WW hop and Followed you via GFC as myw1ldcrazylife. I also linked up so thanks for hosting! Hope you can stop by and return the favor!

  4. Que tecladito Fafa :)
    Felicidades para todos!!

  5. Sweet! Thanks for sharing this....Happy Holidays

  6. Esta foto y tus comentarios en Twitter el otro día que fuiste a su lugar de trabajo... awwwww!
    Son lo máximo.
    Me emociona el amor jaja


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