Friday, September 11, 2009

PhotoHunt #52 - Electric

I’m a Kiss fan, and 2009 is a great year to be one, as they’re about to release their first studio album in 11 years and it sounds just great! But I’m an even bigger Ace Frehley fan (he was the original lead guitar player in Kiss), and he’s releasing his first studio album in 22 years next week! And you know what? It also sounds great!!!
Frehley’s electric guitar playing style has influenced most of the heavy rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s and he’s seen as nothing but a rock god by many. I still remember the electricity that we felt in that Toronto club back in March of 2008. And I still remember how I was deaf for three days after having attended that concert!!!
Can’t wait for him to come back. I bought ear plugs.
ArgentinaSoy un ‘kissero’ (un fan de Kiss), y 2009 es un gran año para serlo, ya que están a punto de lanzar su primer álbum de estudio en 11 años y suena excelente! Pero soy un fan aún más grande de Ace Frehley (quien fue el guitarrista líder original de Kiss), y él está sacando su primer disco de estudio en 22 años la semana que viene! Y saben qué? También es espectacular!!!
El estilo de Frehley para tocar la guitarra eléctrica ha influenciado a más de una banda de rock pesado de los 70’s u 80’s, y se lo ve como nada menos que un dios del rock. Aún recuerdo la electricidad que se sentía en el ambiente de aquél club de Toronto donde tocó allá por Marzo de 2008. Y también recuerdo cómo me quedé sordo por tres días luego de asistir a ese concierto!!!
No puedo esperar a que vuelva. Ya me compré los tapones para el oído.
Ace’s trademark Gibson Les Paul electric guitarLa característica guitarra eléctrica Gibson Les Pauls de Ace
I took both pictures with my cell phone Saqué ambas fotos con mi celular
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  1. I love your choice Gabriel. There's nothing like a good bit of rock music, especially if you lose your hearing for a while after a cocert... as I did after seeing Motorhead! Happy weekend

  2. Excellent Electric. There are two meanings of the word here in your photos if you ask and the electric emotion felt while listening to the playing!!

    My Electric photos are HERE

    Have a wonderful Saturday.

  3. Nice one like the guitar...Happy hunting and weekend....Mine is up.

  4. cool cell phone shots- you must of had fun.

  5. Hola!!!!!!!

    Seguro que canta bien, yo tuve dos de mis tres hijos que tocaban guitarra eléctrica y sobrevive, jijiji
    ¡Como vas en el concurso????? Acordate que faltan cinco días para dejar tus 20 votos, que pases un buen fin de semana….

    Un abrazo de oso.

  6. it must be really exciting to see them perform live..those guys are legends!

  7. I didn't know you were a KISS fan! They played in Ottawa this summer... but it was raining and I passed on the outdoor concert.

    Perfect choice of pictures for the theme though!

  8. The shots are surreal! I also grew up in the KISS era, but I didn't like them much. I was a soft-rock kind of gal. My husband loves the rock stuff (he's a guitar player), tho.

    Good choices for this week!

    My Photo Hunters is up. I hope you have time to visit mine! New York

    Happy weekend!

  9. Pretty cool electric guitar shots! Hope you have time to visit my Electric post. Mine is on quite a different definition, but still fun.


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