Monday, August 17, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #60 – Who let the dogs out

Canada 31/Jul/2009 – Florencia (5)
I have mentioned this several time, but let’s do it once again. We have a game going on for years with Flor, in which I will chase her and tickle her every time she says the word ‘dog’ (or ‘perro’ in Spanish). She has gotten quite good at this, so it’s almost impossible to catch her saying that word (or a similar one like ‘puppies’).
Still, I get the occasional win, as you can see in the video below… :-)
Argentina 31/Jul/2009 –  Florencia (5)
Lo he mencionado muchísimas veces, pero lo haré una vez más. Tenemos un juego con Florencia que hemos jugado por años, en el que yo la persigo y le hago cosquillas cada vez que dice la palabra ‘perro’ (o ‘dog’, en inglés). Florencia se ha puesto muy hábil para detectar cuándo la quiero hacer perder, así que es casi imposible pescarla diciendo esa palabra (o derivados, como ‘cachorritos’).
De todos modos, a veces obtengo una pequeña victoria, como pueden ver en el video… :-)

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  1. ahh that is really cute! Thanks for stopping by wasnt my first time participating, but it has been a couple months.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful , insightful blog-Betty

  3. She is too adorable! Both your girls are beautiful!! I bet you'll never let her forget that she slipped since you have it on video. :P


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