Sunday, August 16, 2009

Internet is funny! #06 - Roller coaster pictures

Internet is funny!
Image from
CanadaPictures are from “Mr. Bula shows it all” again.
I laughed hard with the poor little girl…
Now three comments:
1) Good timing!
2) Too much time in their hands, don’t you think?
3) You think they knew when exactly the picture was being taken, or they stuck in a pose for the whole ride?
ArgentinaFotos de gente en la montaña rusa, sacadas nuevamente de “Mr. Bula shows it all”.
Me reí mucho con la pobre niñita…
Tres comentarios:
1) Qué buen timing!
2) Mucho tiempo en sus manos, esta gente…
3) Habrán sabido en qué momento se toma la foto, o habrán estado en pose todo el viaje?
Even more pictures, here
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  1. Gabriel, I wanted to tell you about another site that you may want to feature in this series (although perhaps you already know about it). It's called "Stuff White People Like." I think it's hilarious and totally un-PC. Check it out:


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