Monday, February 18, 2008

Yet another award!

CanadaI just found out. I got a new award, coming all the way from Philippines (like my last one!) :-)

This time it was Mariposa who presented me with the "E for Excellent" award. I liked what she wrote when justifying her picks to pass it on:

"All blogs I'm visiting are WORTH reading and are excellent... yet, the BLOGS I passing this ward to are blogs which I find SO striking to me. These are BLOGS that had me at "hello"! These are blogs which post I first READ either left me teary eyed or made me swore TODAY to be different from that of yesterday. These are BLOGS that wreck my brain...leaving me INSPIRED for the rest of the day if not week."

Based on her premises, I will name five blogs to pass this award on (check the bottom of this post) And I will repeat winners this time! :-)

Argentina Acabo de enterarme. Me dieron un nuevo premio, que viene desde Filipinas (como el último!) :-)

Esta vez fue Mariposa que me otorgó el premio "E for Excellent". Me gustó lo que escribió para justificar sus elecciones para pasar este premio a otros (traducción aproximada):

"Todos los blogs que visito son DIGNOS de leer y son excelentes... sin embargo, los BLOGS a los que le paso este premio son blogs que encuentro TAN atractivos. Son aquellos que me cautivaron desde el 'hola'! Son blogs cuyos posts me han dejado con lágrimas en los ojos o me han echo jurar que HOY será diferente que ayer. Son blogs que me revolvieron mi cerebro... dejándome INSPIRADA (inspirado) por el resto del día, sino la semana."

Basada en sus premisas, nombraré cinco blogs a quienes pasarle este premio. Y esta vez sí voy a repetir ganadores! :-)
  1. Guillermo for "Los Ziegler en Canadá" (his last series of posts about getting a job in Canada were just fabulous).
  2. Violet for "Miserable Bliss" (a funny -and moving- chronicle of her life after having adopted three little brothers)
  3. Nata for "Natalia en Schengenlandia" (a pleasure to read every day)
  4. jAMiE for "Grace, too" (an inspiring blog, in which she shares her fight with us)
  5. Biddie, for "Life, or something like it" (my first English speaking blogbuddy!)
To all of them, congratulations!

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  1. Gracias Gaby. Ya pongo a un lado la vagancia y lo posteo.

  2. You deserve it! And thanks for passing it promptly to 5 wonderful people!

  3. You absolutely do deserve it!
    I had no idea that I was your first english speaking blog buddy. I will post about it asap :)
    Thank you, Gabriel.

  4. Oh thank you SO much Gabriel..i truly appreciate it..thank you for thinking of me and reading my blog..i will post it now!

    Congrats again to you!

  5. Thanks to all of you, for having such good blogs that are worth reading.


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