Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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CanadaWe had about 10 cm of snow last night and it was really difficult to go out this morning. All school buses were cancelled, so we had to drive the kids to school and then pick them up. The streets were really dangerous, particularly where we live (since our house is 'on a hill that is on top of a hill').

We thought that was it, but now we just received a warning from The Weather Network, indicating that up to 25 more centimetres are expecting to fall between tonight and Thursday morning. Now that's going to be nasty.

Image from TheWeatherNetwork.comSome people are already leaving. I better follow suit, but making sure I take my laptop with me. I might have to work from home tomorrow.

In the meantime, I can kill some time watching the snow while I wait for the results of the "Super Wednesday". Not that I'm anxious... ;-)

ArgentinaTuvimos unos 10 cm de nieve anoche, y se hizo muy dificultoso salir de casa por la mañana. Todos los buses escolares fueron cancelados, así que debimos llevar a los chicos a la escuela y luego pasarlos a buscar. Las calles estaban realmente peligrosas, particularmente en la zona en que vivimos (sobre todo teniendo en cuenta que nuestra casa está 'en una loma que está en la punta de otra loma').
Image from CTV SouthWestern Ontario TV
Pensamos que eso era todo, pero ahora recibimos un alerta de The Weather Network, indicando que se esperan hasta 25 centímetros más entre esta noche y mañana a la mañana. Eso sí que va a estar feo.

Algunos ya se están yendo. Será mejor que yo haga lo mismo, pero me lleve mi laptop. Tal vez tenga quetrabajar desde casa mañana.

Mientras tanto, mataré el tiempo mirando cómo nieva, mientras espero los resultados del "Super Miércoles". No, qué voy a estar ansioso... ;-)

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  1. Yikes. I didn't know that we were going to get that much snow! Looks like it might be a snow day tomorrow. KC had no school today, the college was closed.
    This should keep Santi busy!

  2. Goodness sakes, gotta love Canadian winters..(i do!)...careful driving in it.


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