Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another award!

Mariposa is from Philippines and has a blog called "Mariposa's Tales". She was very kind to give me an award, with the following words dedicated to me and my blog:

Gabriel from Waterloo - I love reading your bilingual site...I get to practice my Spanish... ;)

Thank you very much, Mariposa! I enjoy reading your blog as well. It's very well done.

(Her post here)

Mariposa es de Filipinas y tiene un blog llamado "Mariposa's Tales". Ella fue muy amable en darme un premio, con las siguientes palabras dedicadas a mí y mi blog:

Gabriel from Waterloo - Me encanta leer su site bilingüe...Me permite practicar mi español... ;)

Muchas gracias, Mariposa! Yo también disfruto leer tu blog. Está muy bien hecho.

(Su post aquí)


  1. You deserve the award very much! Thanks for this post.


    ¡Usted merece la concesión mucho! Gracias por este poste.

    P.S. Please pardon my attempt to do what you are doing company's main office is at Mexico so I'm tying to recall my Spanish lessons... ;)

  2. MARIPOSA: I agree with you. Is very good from Gabriel to have a bilingual site. Shame that i´m quite lazy to do the same in mine.

  3. Mariposa, Nata: Thank you very much to both. I really appreciate your kind words.

    Sure it's a lot of effort, but the payoff is fantastic!


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