Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Christmas Music

My co-worker Anne sent me this video by Straight no Chaser, and I believe it's just great. Watch:

Mi compañera Anne me mandó este video de Straight no Chaser, que me pareció fantástico. Miren:

Here's another favourite of mine, this one by Eric Cartman....

South Park - Cartman Sings O Holy Night


  1. The Best Unexpected Christmas Remix Ever.... thanks for giving me laugh...

  2. Tulip, I'm glad you liked it. Cartman's video is one of my favourite ever. I've been watching it since way before I left ARG in 2000.

  3. LOL
    Totally agree with Tulip... awesome!!

  4. Paola, I like both videos very much, but for different reasons (of course).

    The one I didn't know of (the first), really blew my mind off. If I could only sing like that...

  5. Have you noticed that it´s the first time we all commented in English?!!!!!!!

  6. I also believe it's the first time all comments for a post were in English. And Biddie is not even online these days!! :-)


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