Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gaby's on TV today!

We just found out yesterday. Gaby is going to be on "Daytime" at 11:00 this morning, on channel 20 (Rogers TV). After the success of their first time there, both Gaby and our friend Isabel were invited to come back, and they will have a regular segment every last Friday of the month.

Gaby will be cooking empanadas today. We don't have Rogers at home, so I'm planning to take Florencia and watch the program live somewhere else. Then we'll probably go over the Zieglers  to tape it (it shows again at 4:00 PM, 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM).

Gaby is definitely on her way to stardom, don't you think?

Gaby at the "daytime" show, back in June

Nos enteramos hoy. Gaby va a estar en "Daytime" hoy a las 11:00 de la mañana, en el canal 20 (Rogers TV). Luego del suceso de su primera presentación allí, tanto Gaby como nuestra amiga Isabel fueron invitadas a volver, y tendrán un segmento regular, el último viernes de cada mes.

Gaby va a cocinar empanadas hoy. Nosotros no tenemos Rogers en casa, así que me voy a ir a ver el programa por ahí con Florencia. Después probablemente vayamos a lo de los Ziegler para grabarlo (lo repiten a las 4:00 PM, 11:00 PM y 2:00 AM).

Gaby está definitivamente camino al estrellato, no creen?


  1. From 12 June:

    They said they were interested in having both Gaby and Isabel back in the fall, for more segments like that.

    It happens to be true !


    Gaby is definitely on her way to stardom
    , who knows ...every star had humble beginnings.

    Congratulations !

  2. I missed it this morning, but I will look for her again later.
    How exciting for her! She is going to be famous!

  3. Biddie, I had the chance to watch the show live with Gabriel today and I can tell you she was amazing! No one could tell that Gabriela speak no English a few years ago.

    Way to Go Gabriela!

  4. I can't wait to see it. I think that she is amazing. Truly. I would be way too nervous to do anything like that.
    I will look for her later. I wonder if it will be on again after today?

  5. Congratulations Gabriela !!!
    You deserve it.
    I will try to watch it tonight at 11PM.
    How long is the program?

  6. It's an hour long, and Gaby's segment is at about 45 minutes.

    Interesting thing, Gaby told me that there was a second part of her segment, that was taped but not aired live. So if you're watching at 4:00 PM, or 11:00 PM, you will get to see it!

  7. That second segment never aired. They did add some stuff, like a promo video of the group Quilapayun, which is coming to KW in 10 days, but that was it. Still, very impressive.


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