Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who's your candidate?


If you're looking for information on Canadian Federal Elections 2008, please check here.

If you want to find out where you vote, enter your postal code or district here, then hit and click on "Where do I vote?".

To find your candidates, simply click here.

On October 10th, 2007, it will be election time again here in Ontario, and there is a plethora of candidates to choose from. But wait, what are we voting for? Well, this is a provincial general election, so we will be voting for Provincial MP's (Members of the Provincial Legislature). In addition to this, there's a Referendum too (the first ever for Ontario), in which we will decide on which electoral system should Ontario use to elect provincial MP's. There are only two options: do we keep our existing system (107 electoral districts bringing one member each), or do we move into a mixed member proportional system?

Below you will find a listing of all the candidates in the Canada's Technology Triangle area. Remember to vote. One who has lived under dictatorships can surely appreciate what a privilege is to be able to vote. Fortunately, people in Canada have never gone through that.

Vote. If you don't, then I don't think you have the right to complain about any government. These decisions affect our lives directly, do not be indifferent.

El 10 de Octubre de 2007, hay elecciones otra vez en Ontario, y hay una plétora de candidatos para elegir. Pero, qué es lo que estamos votando? Esta es una elección general provincial, así que votaremos por miembros de la legislatura provincial. Además, habrá un Referendo (el primero en la historia de Ontario), en el que vamos a decidir qué sistema electoral debiera usar Ontario para elegir sus legisladores. Hay dos opciones: seguimos con el sistema existente (107 distritos electorales que proveen un miembro cada uno), o pasamos a un sistema proporcional mixto?

A continuación encontrarán una lista de candidatos para el área del Triángulo Tecnológico de Canadá. Recuerden votar. Los que hemos vivido dictaduras podemos apreciar el privilegio que es poder hacerlo. Por suerte, la gente de Canadá no ha tenido que pasar por esto nunca.

Voten. Si no lo hacen, yo creo que no tienen derecho a quejarse de ningún gobierno. Estas decisiones afectan nuestras vidas directamente, no sean indiferentes.


Ontario Elections website: http://www.elections.on.ca/
What are we voting for: here
Candidates list: (PDF format) / (Excel format)

Political Parties

Communist Party = http://www.communist-party.ca
Family Coalition Party = http://www.familycoalitionparty.com
Freedom Party of Ontario = http://www.freedomparty.on.ca
Green Party of Ontario = http://www.gpo.ca

New Democratic Party = http://www.ontariondp.on.ca
Ontario Liberal Party = http://www.ontarioliberal.com
Ontario Libertarian Party = http://www.libertarian.on.ca
Conservative Party of Ontario = http://www.ontariopc.com


  • Conservative: Gerry Martiniuk
  • Family Coalition: Paul Vandervet
  • Green Party: Colin Carmichael
  • Liberal: Kathryn McGarry
  • NDP: Mitchel Healey


  • Communist Party: Drew Garvie
  • Conservative: Bob Senechal
  • Family Coalition: John Gots
  • Green Party: Ben Polley
  • Liberal: Liz Sandals
  • NDP: Karan Mann-Bowers

Kitchener Centre:

  • Conservative: Matt Stanson
  • Family Coalition: William Bernhardt
  • Green Party: Daniel Logan
  • Independent: John Donald McGuire
  • Liberal: John Milloy
  • NDP: Rick Moffitt


  • Conservative: Michael Harris
  • Family Coalition: Len Solomon
  • Freedom Party: David Driver
  • Green Party: Colin Jones
  • Liberal: Leeanna Pendergast
  • Libertarian: Larry Stevens
  • NDP: Mark Cairns


  • Conservative: Elizabeth Witmer
  • Family Coalition: Louis Reitzel
  • Green Party: Judy Greenwood-Speers
  • Liberal: Louise Ervin
  • NDP: Catherine Fife

Wellington - Halton Hills:

  • Conservative: Ted Arnott
  • Family Coalition: Giuseppe Gori
  • Green: Martin Lavictoire
  • Liberal: Marg Bentley
  • NDP: Noel Duignan


  1. Y el PJ va con ley de lemas o lista unificada?

    Un abrazo

  2. I have no idea who I am going to vote for. I like what Dalton Mc Guinty has done - well, some it. He has made sure that all diabetics can get the pump, and my youngest is diabetic, so we are hoping to have her on one someday soon. BUT, I don't like the broken promises, and I'm a little worried about the whole school issue.
    Too confusing.

  3. Guille, el PJ va con Herminio Iglesias y José Amerise... :-)

  4. I feel the same. I have voted Liberal before, but I don't like at all the fact that they broke almost every single promise they made. If I wanted politicians who do that, I would have stayed at home! :-)

    I don't know who am I going to vote for right now, but I do know who I'm NOT going to vote for.

  5. Vote for whom you like. Don't vote and then don't complain. I think there's a third choice: don't like the candidates, get involved and run for office ! I plan to do just that. My platform? I'll move Sundays to Wednesdays, that way the week'll get shorter.

  6. Now that's an interesting platform! Wednesday is my favourite day of the week; it never rains on Wednesdays, because nobody takes the day off.

    Let me know when you're running for office (and where) and I will make sure I vote for ya!


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