Friday, July 06, 2007

El Bife

Ricardo made an interesting comment about my 'Empanadas' post (by the way, we are past 500). He talked about two restaurants that are next to each other. One serves grilled beef and the other mostly breakfast food. The first one is empty, the latter is normally packed. He says it's a cultural thing. People know -and love- a specific kind of food; most of the times, they won't try a different one. It applies to us as well: if we're going out for breakfast, we only go to two places here in Waterloo: Benny's or The Daily Grill. My last option would be Dearborn. Those three are so good, I wouldn't dare to try a different one.

I had a great experience in Antwerp once. I was in Europe, but I still went to an Argentine restaurant. I was -of course- expecting a Belgian interpretation of what Argentine food should taste like, but to my surprise, the food was just fantastic and the taste was spot on.

I could close my eyes and feel I was at a 'bodegon' on the corner of Chile and Santiago del Estero. We had the little empanada for appetizer, then the parrillada for two (they would bring the little grill with the live coal so the food would cook in front of you). One of my friends had a 'bife the chorizo' with fries and two eggs ('a caballo') and flan for dessert. I just couldn't believe my eyes (or should I say taste buds).

I ended asking the waiter -an Argentine- if I could talk to the owner, and he said yes. I went to congratulate the guy for having recreated our food and everything around it (especially the visuals) so well.

The guy was from Israel. Good level of Spanish, though.

I'm going back to Antwerp in less than a month. I can't wait to go to 'El Bife'.


  1. Why do you go again to Antwerpen ? Do you have some family there ?

    It is nice, very nice. There is a castle, water, a nice church.

    I consider that Quebec ville resembles a lot with Brugge (I suppose you know that, it is 30 minutes far from Antwerpen).

    Are you going somewhere else in Europe ? The other day I was talking with someone from Boulogne sur mer and he corrected my pronunciation : he said :
    Buloñe siur mer

    "Yo acostumbrado al barrio decia Bulogn sur mer"



  2. I'm going to Antwerp (Antwerpen in Flamish) for work; it's pretty close to the headquarters of the company I work for (Agfa).

    I'll be working at a hospital in Turnhout, close to the Dutch border. I will be there for two weeks, and I'm not expecting to have more than a Sunday afternoon free (if I'm lucky).

    I wasn't travelling for work too often, until this year. Now I'll be expected to go to hospitals in Europe and North America fairly often. I might even get the occasional trip to some other places.

    I took the train to Brugge last time I went there, and I just loved it. Two years later I got the chance to know Quebec City and I really liked the old part. And yes, it kinda resembles it (minus the canals).

  3. Yes, it is not exactly the same.
    I wish you a nice trip there !!



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