Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I just saw them as I was about to buy a coffee at Tim Hortons. An elderly couple, they were leaving as I was coming in. She was helping her husband to get up, and I saw he was struggling to take that first step. It soon became evident that he was struggling to take any steps. I left the door open and waited for about 2 minutes until the couple finally made it to where I was. They thanked me, and proceeded to go out. I felt good, even after having done so little, because at least I had helped them somehow.
Changed my mind, ordered a diet coke instead of a coffee, and I also had a bagel. Five minutes later, it was my turn to go out.
I saw the elderly couple again. They were about 15 steps away from where I had seen them last. The poor man wasn't able to take one more step, even though they were in front of their own car. The lady was as cheerful and supportive as she sounded while they were still inside. Then, the man lowered his head, and I could feel his frustration and defeat.

I know what it is not to be able to walk, I spent almost 5 months in a bed. But I always knew that I would walk eventually (did I?). Seeing this old gentleman trying so hard to take a step made me really sad; and seeing his wife never release his hand and continue to cheer him every little step of the way made me make peace with mankind, if only for today.

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  1. Que linda historia... La leía y me acordaba de mis abuelos maternos, que a los ochenta y algo y después de 50 años de casados parecían enamorados como el primer día.


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