Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I read in the newspaper today that a hospital in my home town (Necochea) is closing its doors.

They owe about $300,000 (CA$125,000) and haven't paid salaries in months. While they will still provide care to those who are already in, they won't accept any new patients, and they have even closed the ER area.

This makes me very sad. Fourty years and a half ago, I was born in there. I got my tonsils removed there when I was 5. My two older brothers and my cousins were born there. My grandparents were there too. I have friends who are or have been nurses there. Somehow I feel that this clinic is part of what I am.

We were talking about tonight's 6/49 with Gaby today (40 millions!), and what we would do if we won. I guess I know where $125,000 of those 40 millions would go if I won the lottery tonight.

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