Friday, January 16, 2009

PhotoHunt #22 – Hat(s)


Today’s theme is ‘hat(s). I honestly though I didn’t have any pictures to use, then I remembered about the first two you will see here. Then I started to find more and more, and I ended using just a few of them. Unbelievable.

I hope you like the pictures… See how skinny I was 10 years ago? Dang.

El tema de hoy es ‘sombrero(s)’. Honestamente, pensé que no tenía nada para usar, pero luego me acordé de las dos primeras fotos que ven aquí. Después comencé a encontrar más y más, y al final terminé dejando un montón afuera. Increíble.

Espero que les gusten las fotos… Miren lo delgado que era hace 10 años! En fin…


This is me in Alexandria, VA, back in Aug 1997
Este soy yo en Alexandria, Virginia, allá por Agosto de 1997

06_Santiago 03
Santi (age 4) and a soldier, back in Buenos Aires (Sep 1999)
Santi (4) y un granadero, en Buenos Aires (Sep 1999)

02_Juan Francisco with a hat 02

03_Juan Francisco with a hat 03

01_Juan Francisco with a hat 01
Not exactly a hat, but Juan didn’t care (March 2000)
No es exactamente un sombrero, pero a Juan no le importó (Marzo 2000)

06 - Caro_02
Carolina’s 4th birthday party (March 2001)
Cumpleaños de 4 de Carolina (Marzo 2001)

17 - Xmas_2001

Christmas 2001 – Navidad de 2001


Florencia, in Necochea with her uncle (Fafa) and her grandma (Cristina)
Florencia en Necochea, con su tío (Fafa) y su abuela (Cristina)

05_Papa y Florencia
My father and Florencia in Toronto (14/Jan/2005) Almost three years without him…
Mi padre y Florencia en Toronto (14/Ene/2005). Casi tres años sin él…

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  1. You sure looked different years ago.. haha. But I love that viking hat. It looked great on you :P

  2. wow these pictures go back a long way!

  3. Wow Gabriel!!! You've got so many!!I LOVE the one with your father. Hugs,

  4. lotsa pics with hat :)have a nice weekend :D

  5. Wow - what a parade of hats!My favorite hat is Juan's and your Viking and reggae hats :)< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Sreisaat Adventures<>

  6. What a great set of photos. They made me smile, especially the picture with your son standing next to the guard. Here is my photo hunt:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">JyLnC - Hats!<>

  7. Wow what a wonderful set of hat shots. I love your Viking hat! Happy weekend

  8. awww...those are some really cute shots!! good work. :)

  9. Great photos. [the top one...he looks exactly like my nephew!!! I thought I was looking at him...whoa!]I think I like the basket hat the best.I'm not a hat person, but I found 'hats' around our home that will work for the hunt. Come on over if you can. I would love to have your company.

  10. for someone with not hat photos you came up with some good stuff.

  11. You have a nice entries. Good choices. Happy weekend. Mine is up.

  12. Lindas fotos, Gabriel. As always.Las mias en

  13. LOL! LOVE the first photo! My kids used to have something similar when they were very little. Your Photo Hunters posts are always superb. Bravo!I did Photo Hunters today, too! Hope you get a chance to visit.

  14. Que cantidad de foto tenes, Gabriel!Me gusta la de los chicos en navidad

  15. I like the Viking hat, it looked so vintage... Nice theme...

  16. Al Fafa le queda chico, necesita un par de números más !

  17. That's quite the array of hats!I played too :)

  18. Great photos - the "basket hat" is my favorite though!

  19. Wow! You looked good when you were slimmer. :PNow, you look so huggable.Happy weekend!

  20. Excellent choicesI ended "overhelming" ;))

  21. I love the photos of the kids. I have a hat like Juan's on my kitchen table, I think. Kayla LOVES the pic of you in the rasta hat. Lol.

  22. Me gustaron todas, especialmente la de Juan con canasta y la tuya de vikingo!!!

  23. You have a lot of great shots with hats!

  24. Woah~ That's some real cool selection of hats :)


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