Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming to Canada - The pictures (1)

In Niagara Falls, on my first week in Canada (18/Oct/2000)

The hotel where I stayed until November 2000.
I don't think I talked about this one, but yes, it had a
kitchen and a place for me to work. Can you see the laptop there?

Our first Christmas in USA
From left to right: Juan (2), Caro (4), Santi (5)

In Niagara Falls, this time with Gaby and the kids (24/Feb/2001)

Juan playing at Eaton Centre (24/Mar/2001)

The kids watching the fountain at Eaton Centre

Juan and Caro playing in our room at the guest house;
if I'm not wrong, this is the same day I had a laptop with my coffee...

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