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Embarrassing moments - #079

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Embarrassing moments
CanadaI was in Collingwood, Ontario, this week, just for the day. I was working at the local hospital over there. Collingwood is a fairly small city but it has a good offer in terms of restaurants, especially around downtown, so I went in that direction once I got hungry.
I arrived at Kelsey’s and noticed that the parking lot was completely empty when I left the car. It was probably too early, because I was obviously the first customer of the day. By the time I was done eating, though, there were many other patrons sitting around. I paid and left, and then proceeded to go to my car again. As I approached, I pressed the button on my key to unlock it.
How can the door still be locked?”, I thought, I heard the noise when I pressed the button!”. Just to make sure I was in front of the right car (you never know with me), I peeked inside. Yes, there was my water bottle, who else would have one in their car?
I kept pressing and pressing, but the door would not unlock. That’s when I finally decided to take a step back and look at the car again.
Of course it wasn’t my car. It was a black Mercedes Benz SUV.
I have a silver Ford Escape…
Esta semana estuve en Collingwood, Ontario, por un día. Estuve trabajando en el hospital local. Collingwood es una ciudad pequeña, pero tiene buena variedad de restaurantes para elegir, especialmente en el centro, así que para ese lado salí una vez que tuve hambre.
Llegué a un Kelsey’s y noté que el estacionamiento estaba completamente vacío cuando dejé mi auto. Tal vez era muy temprano, porque yo era obviamente el primer cliente del día. Para cuando terminé de almorzar, sin embargo, ya había otros clientes sentados por ahí. Pagué y me fui en dirección a mi auto. Cuando ya llegaba, apreté el botoncito en mi llave para destrabarlo.
“Cómo puede estar trabado todavía?”, pensé, “Sí escuché el ruidito cuando apreté el botón!”. Para estar bien seguro de que esta frente al auto correcto (conmigo nunca se sabe), eché un vistazo al interior. Sí, claro, ahí estaba mi botella de agua, quién más podría tener una en su auto?
Seguí meta apretar el botón, pero la puerta no se abría. Allí fue que finalmente decidí dar un paso atrás y mirar al auto de nuevo.
Por supuesto que no era mi auto. Era un Mercedes Benz SUV negro.
Y yo tengo un Ford Escape color gris…
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  1. OOPS!
    My most embarrassing car story... I was in a car garage looking for my car. I always park it in the same approximate location so I'm sure to find it. I couldn't, so I pressed the button that makes the car alarm go beep beep beep. The car picked up the signal and started to alarm, but it was on a completely different floor. The parking garage was like an echo chamber so it took me a little time to find the noisy thing and shut it off!
    Hope you'll share your photo at You do look just a wee bit embarrassed, and it will comfort me to know I'm not the only person with an embarrassing car story!

    1. LOL... How come I just saw this? I gotta look at my notifications!


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