Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Silly Monkey Stories # 209 – DNA

(En español más abajo)
USA04/Dec/2012 – Aidan (6)
A spectacular bedtime conversation, as told by the proud father, Steve (who works with me at AGFA and insists in calling me ‘Gabe’ every time I see him)

Aidan: I love you, Dad.
Steve: I love you too.
Aidan: You know why I love you?
Steve: Why?
Aidan: Because we're DNA buddies.

Steve: (I really should review the curriculum for grade 1 again).

Argentina04/Dic/2012 –  Aidan (6)
Una espectacular conversación para la hora de la cama, contada por el orgulloso padre, Steve (que trabaja conmigo en AGFA e insiste en llamarme ‘Gabe’ cada vez que lo veo)

Aidan: Te quiero, Papá.
Steve: Yo también te quiero.
Aidan: Sabés por qué te quiero?
Steve: Por qué?
Aidan: Porque somos ‘compañeros de ADN’.

Steve: (Tengo que ponerme en serio a revisar el plan de estudios de Primer Grado).

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  1. DNA, huh? Is that what my kindergartners have to look forward to in 1st grade? LOL!!!

    (Sorry I didn't post this week. The twins have been sick and I was up so late working Monday night. Sorry I let you down!!)

  2. You didn't let me down at all. It's probably the first week you've missed so far! Look at my case, I have let myself down big time lately. I went from 8-10 post a week to two or three at best... I have considered closing my blog so many times already! If it wasn't for the fact that I enjoy writing so much, I would have done it already.


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