Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WW#229 - Plain cheeseburger

From Fuddruckers, in Detroit. Cheese is all I put to my burgers (and in this case, to my fries…)
Del Fuddruckers en Detroit. Queso es lo único que le pongo a mis hamburguesas (y en este caso, a las papas…)


  1. Looks quite tasty! There is something to be said for keeping it simple.

    1. I'm that simple for pretty much everything I eat... I only recognize two food groups: 1) things you have to chase and 2) things you have to fry

  2. Mmmm....Fuddruckers...Putting that at on the list of what to eat next time I am home. I load up my burgers but fries with cheese, yum.

  3. Color me surprised. I would've expected you'd load up those burgers with so much more. But they look pretty tasty. For burgers (which I don't eat). LOL!! Happy WW! :-)

  4. Nothing at all, Dianne. The most I can put on a burger is cheese and an egg... maybe ham. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion and especially no condiments! :-)

  5. One of my favorite fast food! lol! Hope to taste it soon.. they look yummy!

    Happy Wordless!

  6. I cannot eat a meal without vegetables :) But that extra cheese looks tasty!

  7. Dietetica! Como a mi me gusta! eso si, a las fries, only catsup.


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