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Silly Monkey Stories #177 - “Goodness, what big eyes you have”

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Canada24/Dec/2011 – Shiloh (4)
We had Christmas Eve dinner at home, along with our ‘adoptive family’, our friend Laura and her daughters Sileny and Tathyana. Sileny was with her boyfriend Daniel and two girls who couldn’t be prettier: Leah(7) and Shiloh (4). Leah is a beautiful –and smart!– girl, while her little sister adds to those conditions a delicious mischievous look.
Trying to break the ice and win them over (I’m a big guy, so I can be scary…), I began to talk to them, and I soon realized how beautiful were the little one’s eyes. So I paid her the compliment:
- Shiloh! Your eyes are so pretty, what a beautiful colour! Can I see?
The little one got closer and allowed me to see her eyes… opening them wide using her fingers!!! It was very hard to hold the laughter having this little princes 3 inches away from my face, with her two eyes as big as a pizza! :-)

Leah and Shiloh – They’re so pretty! :-)
Leah y Shiloh – Son tan bonitas! :-)
Argentina24/Dec/2011 –  Shiloh (4)
Tuvimos la cena de Nochebuena con nuestra ‘familia adoptiva’ en Canadá, nuestra amiga Laura y sus hijas Sileny y Tathyana. Sileny también vino con su pareja, Daniel y dos niñitas una más hermosa que la otra: Leah (7) y Shiloh (4). Leah es una hermosa –y muy inteligente– niña, mientras que su hermanita agrega a esas cualidades una cara de picarona deliciosa.
Tratando de romper el hielo para caerles simpático (soy un tipo grandote y a veces asusto…), me puse a conversar con ellas y pronto reparé en los hermosos ojos de la más chiquita. Entonces le hice el comentario:
- Shiloh! Qué bonitos que son tus ojos, qué lindo color! A ver?
La chiquitina se me acerco y me dejó verle los ojos… abriéndoselos de par en par con sus manitos!!! Fue muy difícil contener la risotada teniendo a esta belleza a 10 centímetros de mi cara con sus ojos grandes como el 2 de oros! :-)
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  1. Tanto se acercó, es muy valiente esa niña.
    Feliz año nuevo!!!

  2. That was very smart of you! When we took the kids to see Santa this year, Kenzie was a little scared and wouldn't go near him, so he asked her how old she was. She held up her fingers to indicate 4, but he kept asking her to come closer so he could see. That broke the ice!


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