Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WW#198 – Suspicious

I love my dad. He's..
I have been accused of having hacked all of my kids’ accounts, would you believe?
Me acusan de haber usado las cuentas de mis hijos, pueden creer?
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  1. Ooooh, you are SO ornery, Gabriel. :-) Love it!

  2. BTW, what's a fraper? Or frapist? It doesn't sound good.

  3. ALL SO TRUE hee hee - HAW HAW you R giving me ideas BIG ideas :)

  4. You did yourself justice.LOL

  5. I have no idea what a fraper is... I'm kinda scared to Google it. Did you ever find out what your kids were up to? If mine act like that I automatically assume something is up lol.

  6. You can read about 'fraping' here. I agree that it's a word that sounds very bad, but its meaning is not THAT terribly. It's simply about taking control of somebody else's Facebook... which is what I did to my kids

  7. You are obviously NOT guilty. I mean, you would have been much more subtle than that...!

    ... right?


  8. Jajaja y cómo haces para hackaear todas?

  9. Estaba con Juan, el me dio su password y yo adiviné las otras dos. Los chicos confían porque saben que aún sabiendo las passwords yo no me metería... esto fue x una sola vez (y desde mi teléfono, así que ni chance de meterme en su inbox, por ejemplo)


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