Wednesday, July 06, 2011

WW#197 – Bleakness

This is Villa La Angostura, in Argentina. It’s a small touristic village that was very affected by the volcanic ashes coming from the Puyehue in neighbouring Chile.
This is where my friend Alejandra lives with her family.
These pictures were taken by her just a few days ago.
This is STILL happening, in spite of our stupid President’s comments
about this being a ‘psychological issue’…
It’s about time the Argentine Government stops ignoring these people!
Esto es Villa La Angostura, en Argentina. Es una pequeña villa turística que fue gravemente afectada por las cenizas volcánicas que vienen del Puyehue, en Chile.
Aquí es donde viven mi amiga Alejandra y su familia.
Estas fotos fueron tomadas por ella hace sólo unos días.
Esto SIGUE pasando, a pesar de los estúpidos comentarios de nuestra
Presidenta diciendo que es un ‘problema psicológico’…
Ya es hora de que el gobierno argentino deje de ignorar a esta gente!
My friend’s houseLa casa de mi amiga







More pictures from Dianne, Russ and Shannon


  1. Es espantoso. ¿Cómo puede un gobierno obviar algo así?

  2. My God, that is devastating in itself. The Government loves to turn away from any problems unless it is high in the news dept.
    They need some help.

  3. That is horrible! I can't imagine. :(

  4. Crazy! It's like living in an horror movie. The pictures speak for themselves... although I'd love to see this crazy landscape with my own eyes, I feel for the people living there. Can't be healthy!

  5. That is unbelievable. I can't imagine what it must feel like to breathe....

  6. Amazing! I feel like I just went on a field trip!

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  8. Ariadna, la madrina de mi hijo Lucas vive allí, es un desastre, y me imagino como debe haber afectado la economía del lugar que vive sobre todo del turismo.


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