Monday, October 11, 2010

Silly Monkey Stories #119 - Traffic

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Canada 05/Oct/2010 – Florencia (6)

We were on our way to Gym with Florencia and traffic was bad, so I was concerned we were going to be late. To make things even worse, Flor started to cry. I asked her what happened and she told me she had forgotten her snack at home.

- We can make a stop at a Tim Hortons and buy you a muffin. Would that be OK?

She agreed. But then I said:

- Flor, there is a problem, though. If we make a stop at Tims, you might be late for your class. What do you prefer, that we make it on time or that you get your snack at the expense of being late?

Flor chose the second option, of course. They didn't have chocolate chip muffins, but she happily settled for a banana nut one.

As we were about to arrive (about 5 minutes late), Florcita told me, confident:

- Don't worry, Daddy. I know what to do in these cases. If they ask me, I will say we got stuck in traffic...


Argentina 05/Oct/2010 – Florencia (6)

Estábamos camino a las clases de gimnasia de Florencia y el tráfico estaba malo, así que me preocupaba llegar tarde. Para peor, Flor comenzó a llorar. Le pregunté qué pasaba y me dijo que se había olvidado su snack en casa.

- Podemos parar en un Tim Hortons y te compro un muffin. Estaría bien?

Dijo que sí. Entonces le dije:

- Flor, hay un problema. Si paramos en Tims, tal vez lleguemos tarde a tu clase. Qué preferís, que lleguemos a tiempo, o que te compre tu snack pero arriesgarse a que llegues tarde a tu clase?

Flor eligió lo segundo, por supuesto. No tenían muffins de chocolate, pero ella se conformó con uno de bananas y nueces.

Cuando ya estábamos por lleguar (unos cinco minutos tarde), Florcita me dijo, confiada:

- No te preocupes, Papi. Yo sé que hacer en estos casos. Si me preguntan, les digo que nos quedamos atorados en el tráfico…

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  1. Those excuses are coming a little too quickly. Are you nervous about her using them on you when she's a teenager? :P


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