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Silly Monkey Stories #109 – Sweet tooth

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Canada 31/Jul/2010 – Florencia (6)
Florencia likes sweet stuff, there are no doubts about that. She enjoys candies, cakes, ice creams, etc, all things I wouldn't normally eat (burgers and fries, that's my stuff).

Last Saturday, and as we were getting everything ready for Gaby's birthday party, my wife baked a small apple pie, procedure that Florencia supervised very carefully. When it was time to eat it, just after lunch, Flor was dismayed when she realized that it was too tiny to be shared among four people (which later turned out to be three, as Carolina didn't want any). Florencia ate (OK, devoured) her slice and then she proceeded to watch carefully as my wife and my mother-in-law were eating theirs, giving them the cute sad look that Puss in boots made famous in the Shrek movies. The moment she saw her grandma stop eating for a second, she suggested kindly:

- If you don't want anymore just tell me, I can eat it for you...

But Grandma told her that she did want to keep eating, so she turned her focus to Mom, confessing: "I just can't stop eating this pie"...

That little skit -very effective- continued until she ended getting extra pieces from both ladies, who couldn't say 'no' to her anymore (she was breaking their hearts!)...

She knows she's irremediably cute, so she tried again yesterday. I had made myself a few (very few, actually) nachos; looking at Flor and Caro with a very mean face I told them I wasn't going to share with anyone (which of course means 'come and steal some from me, while I pretend to be very offended'). They both 'stole' a couple, to my 'chagrin', but when Flor came back for the third time, eyes fixated on my plate, I stopped her and asked her with a fierce look:

- Where do you think you're going?

Her response was faster than the speed of light. With a tone that was somewhere between begging and feeling insulted, she said:

- But Daddy, I just wanted to give you a hug!

I would have bought it, if it hadn't been for the fact that never once she stopped looking at the nachos!

IMG_0770 Having marshmallows at the cottage (21/Jul/2010)
Comiendo malvaviscos en el cottage (21/Jul/2010)

Argentina31/Jul/2010 – Florencia (6)

Florencia es golosa, no hay dudas de ello. Le gusta mucho comer golosinas, tortas, helados, etc., todas cosas que yo -por lo general- ni toco (lo mío son las hamburguesas y las papa fritas).

El sábado pasado, mientras preparábamos todo para la fiesta de cumpleaños de Gaby, mi esposa cocinó una pequeña tarta de manzana, cuya cocción Florencia supervisó con mucho esmero. Cuando llegó la hora de comerla, luego del almuerzo, Flor se dio cuenta de que era muy chiquita como para compartir entre cuatro (que luego fueron tres, porque sólo mi esposa y mi suegra querían). Florencia comió (OK, devoró) su porción y luego se dedicó a seguir con atención el progreso de las otras dos comensales, mientras les dirigía miradas de gatito triste (al mejor estilo del Gato con Botas en 'Shrek'). En eso, al ver que su abuela hacía una pausa, le sugirió, atenta:

- Si no querés más torta decime, que yo la puedo comer por vos...

La abuela le dijo que sí iba a comer, por lo que entonces repitió la estrategia con su madre, confesando: "Yo esta torta no puedo parar de comerla"...

El juego -muy efectivo, por cierto- siguió hasta que al final terminó comiendo pedacitos de ambas porciones de torta, porque tanto a mi esposa como a mi suegra les rompía el corazón no darle...

Ayer volvió a intentarlo. Yo me había preparado unos pocos nachos con queso y con una cara de ogro tremenda le dije tanto a ella como a Carolina que no les iba a convidar (lo que por supuesto significa 'vengan y sáquenme algunos, que yo voy a pretender ofenderme muchísimo'). Me 'robaron' un par cada una, ante mi 'enojo', pero cuando Florencia volvió a acercarse con los ojos fijos en mi plato yo la intercepté y le pregunté ferozmente:

- Adónde vas ahora?

Ella, rápida como el rayo, replicó con tono entre suplicante y ofendido:

- Pero Papi, yo venía solamente a darte un abrazo!

Yo le hubiera creído si al menos hubiese despegado los ojos de mis nachos por aunque fuera un segundo...

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  1. What a great story! Kids will say anything. When I get mad at the kids, our 3yr old son always says, "MumMum, you booootiful." How can you stay mad after that? :P

  2. My granddaughter does the same thing. She loves to steal things from me. The madder I act the more she does it.
    I love the picture of the marshmallows at the cabin. She is a gorgeous little girl.

  3. That Flor is a crafty one! I don't know how you could possibly say "no" to a cutie like her though.

    I also see that we both share a weakness for sweets. I could go for some apple pie myself...


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