Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WW#123 – Not too many left…

Some of the candies I brought from Argentina… running out of them…
Caramelos que traje de Argentina… ya no quedan muchos…
More pictures from Dianne, Napaboaniya, Grampy and Jams ODonnell


  1. Not too many left, bet you can't bear to eat them. Best to eat them then let the ants do the honor! :P

  2. All good things must come to an end... enjoy the last of it.

  3. That's one way of making them last :) this way you can have them and eat them too. aren't cameras wonderful! Happy WW

  4. I have some from Puerto Rico I can send ya! =)

  5. Asi estoy yo, contando lo ultimo que tenia de los que vinieron de Venezuela...

  6. ¿Hay algo más rico que un Sugus?
    ¿En Canadá se consiguen cosas de Arcor?
    Un cordobesa que vive en España me contaba que, de viaje de trabajo por Nairobi (Kenia), consiguió Bon-o-Bon fabricados en Arroyito (Córdoba, Argentina).

  7. We bouth the same, when we did visit Argentina in 2007!!

    They soon were gone;)

  8. My step-mom used to bring back chocolates from Venezuela and whenever she was running low she would say it was time to plan a trip to go back. :)

  9. Oh no... That is so sad. Now you either have to wait until the next trip OR start planning that trip now.. hehee


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