Monday, December 14, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #77 – Breaking the space/time continuum

Canada13/Dec/2009 – Florencia (6)
We were having dinner at Benny’s just with Juan and Flor, as the other two had gone out with our church’s Youth Group. As we were finishing our burgers (best in town!), Juan asked his mother a question:
- Mommy, how many kids you wanted to have?
- I have always said that I wanted to have either two or four. (Note: it’s true)
Florencia did her math and then observed:
- If you had only had two kids… I wouldn’t exist! And then she broke into an obviously fake cry. Then she added:
- It’s a good thing you had four…
That was funny enough, but she kept thinking. Finally, she took a chance:
- Maybe Santi wouldn’t have been born…
Yeah, right. You don’t get to pick, Florencia. As much as you would like to get rid of your nemesis, he was born first! :-)
Argentina13/Dic/2009 – Florencia (6)
Estábamos cenando en Benny’s sólo con Juan y Flor, porque los otros dos habían salido a cenar con el Grupo Juvenil de nuestra iglesia. Cuando estábamos terminando nuestras hamburguesas (las mejores de la ciudad!), Juan le preguntó a su madre:
- Mami, vos cuántos chicos querías tener?
- Yo siempre dije que quería tener dos o cuatro chicos. (Nota: es cierto)
Florencia sacó cuentas y luego observó:
- Si sólo hubiesen tenido dos… yo no existiría! Y luego prorrumpió en un muy sobreactuado (y falso) llanto. Luego, ‘ganando la compostura’, agregó:
- Qué bueno que tuvieron cuatro…
Eso ya era divertido, pero se quedó pensando más. Finalmente, aventuró:
- Tal vez Santi no hubiese nacido…
Claro, claro. No podés elegir, Florencia. Por más que quieras librarte de tu ‘enemigo’, el nació primero! :-)
IMG_2647At a hockey game (08/Dec/2009)En un partido de hockey (08/Dic/2009)
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  1. It's funny how a child's mind works and it's scary to think about all the things they think about that they don't say out loud. LOL!!

  2. It's a good thing too that we can't make those kind of choices, I don't think anyone would make to adulthood with their siblings if we could choose. I love the look on her face in the picture.

  3. Yo soy la del medio de tres hermanas, mi hermana mayor siempre le pregunto, y reclamo aun, a mi mama por que no habia sido hija unica (nos llevamos 5 años y medio). Flor me la recordo. Un besote a esa familia hermosa que tenes.
    Preparando las valijas para el descanso navideño?

  4. Good Post! Really funny. In this image a baby girl is looking very cute.........

  5. Your child really took it seriously, didn't she? :) But 3 siblings are better than 1; there's more fun, more love, more cuddles to get, hehe. ^^ She's going to realize it sooner or later.

    Congrats on your wonderful kids!

    - Sides


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