Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WW#109 - Power

Scenes from Santi’s game yesterday. His team won 2-0 and he had both assists.
This is the play prior to the second goal; he sent the ball across for the guy with the white shoes to score…  
More pictures from Dianne, Napaboaniya, Grampy and Jams ODonnell


  1. These guys are on top of their game! My grandbaby has a daddy and auntie who paly soccor. She used her feet for everything well before she had command of her hands. Even now that she can use her fingers she stomps her baby keyboard and plays baby Beethoven with her feet like a frantic rockerstar. Think maybe she'll go after a ball and be her daddys' lil soccer star:)

  2. It is getting a little cool up there for soccer.The kids on the bench look cold.

  3. It wasn't that bad on Tuesday, Grampy. But last Thursday's game was terrible. Temperature was 1ºC (34ºF) and it was windy...

  4. Wonderful captures of Santi in action... Both assists very nice... Brrr it's been getting that cold here too... Although I'm sure the players feel it less with all the running and activies..

  5. I like watching soccer! So much action!


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