Monday, July 06, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #54 – Massage therapist

Canada06/Jul/2009 – Florencia (5)
Florencia likes to cuddle, and she has found a great way to do it: she now gives massages (though only to me and Gaby). The interesting thing is that she’s actually quite good at it! She uses her hands, elbows and arms with surprising dexterity and actually delivers a really good back and shoulder massage. About three minutes later, though, her true intentions are revealed when she just hugs you from behind and stays there for a while…
She’s so successful that she has decided to open her own travelling massage parlour. The prices are very accessible, as she charges a mere $0.01 for a full shoulder massage. To make things even better, she throws in the ‘combing’ massage for free! (Have you ever had anybody combing your hair very gently for 10 minutes? It’s the most relaxing thing ever!).
Booking her time is no problem, because she has just said that she’s “open during the day and the night”. :-)
Argentina06/Jul/2009 – Florencia (5)
A Florencia le gustan los mimos, y encontró una gran manera de tenerlos: ahora nos da masajes (solamente a Gaby y a mí). Lo interesante es que lo hace realmente muy bien. Usando sus manos, codos y brazos con una sorprendente destreza, nos da unos muy buenos masajes de espalda y cuello. Tres minutos más tarde, sin embargo, sus intenciones son reveladas cuando te abraza por detrás para quedarse ahí por un buen rato…
Le esta yendo tan bien que ha decidido abrir su propio negocio ambulante de masajes. Los precios son muy accesibles, ya que sólo cobra $0.01 por un masaje de hombros completo. Para hacer todo aún mejor, ofrece su masaje de ‘peinada’ gratis! (Alguna vez se han hecho peinar muy suavemente por 10 minutos? Es lo más relajante que hay!).
Hacer reservas para que nos atienda no es problema, porque acaba de decir que está “abierta durante el día y la noche”. :-)
All pictures by Juan   
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  1. Me hace descuento por el masaje de peinada ?

  2. Aww, how adorable! Does she travel to Argentina?

  3. That is so adorable! How enterprising of her too. :)

  4. Aw, that's so cute! What a sweetie! :D

  5. Is she still using 'hair' freshener, and if so, is that a wee bit extra?
    I would gladly pay for a 3 minute massage!

  6. As a kid, I loved to comb my grandmother's hair and when I had a daughter of my own, I loved it when she would comb mine. You're right -- it is incredibly relaxing!

  7. I want to be a massage therapist but i don't know what i need... does anybody have any experiences? I'm a senior and i want to help people.


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