Saturday, July 25, 2009

PhotoHunt #45 - Utensils

Today’s theme is ‘utensils’ and even though Jam’s definition of the word is perfect… I could only thought of knives and forks. :-)
Me and Santi are in Sault Ste Marie, ON for the weekend, and we’re staying at a bed and breakfast. Santi has once again been called up to play for the city’s “A” team, so he has two games today and another one tomorrow (look at the Twitter sidebar for updates!).
We’ve just had breakfast, so I took these little pictures…
El tema de hoy es ‘utensilios’ y si bien la definición que Jams dio de la palabra es perfecta… todo en lo que yo pude pensar fue cuchillos y tenedores. :-)
Santi y yo estamos en Sault Ste Marie, ON por el fin de semana, y nos estamos quedando en un ‘bed and breakfast’. Santi fue nuevamente llamado para jugar para el equipo “A” de la ciudad, así que tiene dos partidos hoy y uno más mañana (voy a mandar actualizaciones via Twitter, así que estén atentos a la barra lateral!).
Acabamos de desayunar, y saqué estas pequeñas fotos…
Eggs and baconHuevos con tocino
Santi’s pancakesLos panqueques de Santi
I like the light on this one Me gusta la iluminación de esta foto
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  1. A very healthy breakfast with a complete set of utensils.

  2. This is from today's breakfast? Wow, you're fast. Seems every time I try to get pictures posted right away I lose my camera cord.

  3. Mmmmm looks very yummy. You always have such interesting photos! I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit.

    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York Photo Hunt!

  4. your breakfast looks enticing and i love your utensils. happy PH!

  5. Yum, I've been to Saulte Ste Marie in Michigan but not in Canada!

  6. A very tasty take on the theme Gabriel!

  7. Can I have the bacon please!??!?! :)


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