Friday, July 03, 2009

PhotoHunt #42 - Pink

Happy Independence Day to all my blogbuddies, relatives and friends in the US!
Now on to the theme of the day, ‘pink’. I can’t find the @%#$^#$ cable to connect my camera so I can get the pictures I took today, so I am forced to resort to stock footage…
Feliz día de la Independencia para todos mis blogbuddies, familiares y amigos en USA!
Ahora pasemos al tema del día, ‘rosa’. No puedo encontrar el $#^!@!!! cable de la camarita para pasar las fotos que saqué hoy, así que tengo que recurrir a fotos de archivo en la emergencia…
It’s pink enough! Es lo suficientemente rosa!
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  1. pretty good stock footage for the theme they are pink squared

  2. Yes, it is pretty pink shot ;)

    My entry this week, in HERE. Hope you have time to visit as well.

  3. Esta foto se podria llamar ...Diversion Rosa!!!

  4. Now that is too cute,.... and both in pink! Great post.

    Happy 4th.
    Mine is up, come on by.

  5. Oh, what fun... a pink princess. How adorable are they!!!

  6. Yep, looks pretty in pink to me! :)


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