Friday, June 12, 2009

PhotoHunt #39 - Lock

Yes, I’m recycling a picture and yes, I know we’re about to enter the Boreal summer. So what? :-)
I love the cold weather and it’s almost winter in Argentina. And I like this picture!
Sí, ya sé que ya usé esta foto y sí, ya se que el verano boreal está por comenzar. Y? :-)
Me encanta el frío y además es casi invierno en Argentina. Y esta foto me gusta mucho!
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  1. BRRR!
    Nice shot and take on the theme.

    Happy weekend.

  2. *Cool* shot, Gabriel! ;-)

    My ”Lock” entry is up. Hope you can stop by!

  3. Might be old, but it's a great pic! I love any kind of snow pic, we don't get it here!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Aloha!!
    Recycled photos--but who's noticing? I love it! Keep them coming!
    Happy PH,
    Cindy O
    Please stop by & visit my lock too!
    Thank you

  5. Good photos, though. What are those around the lock, bubbles? Why are they there? :)

  6. I don't see snow very often and as hot as it was yesterday, this is welcome sight. Fun take on the theme.

  7. Great's nearing 100 degrees here during the days....this is a cool down instead of our meltdowns!!

    Here is's also a bit 'native american'!!

    Click Here

  8. A cool shot, literally! Have a great weekend

  9. I like this shot (who cares if it's recycled?)! It's chilly here, and the wind's not helping. Saludos desde Necochea!

  10. Ehh, que caracter podrido !!!
    Buena foto.

  11. We would never see that here, whether it was winter or summer... great snow shot! Mine is up here.

  12. I have hosted two Photo Scavenger Hunts in the last year and my friends really love them! I am planning a third one for 2 weeks from now and I have a pretty good list of things, but I'd like a few more ideas.

  13. amo al frio! odio el verano !!! buen blogs saludos de argentina (avellaneda)


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