Saturday, May 02, 2009

Weekly Winners #53 – Apr/26 to May/02

I’m back!!! It’s been almost three months since my last Weekly Winners post. Not a specific reason why I dropped them, other than… I had nothing interesting to share. Now that I’m taking my camera along with me again, who knows… maybe I get to post something nice.
I believe today’s post can be filed under ‘cute’. I’m very used to these scenes back at home, but I still stopped and get out of the car when I saw these little buggers crossing the road in front of me.
Volví!!! Hace casi tres meses que no posteaba un Weekly Winners. Ninguna razón en particular para la ausencia, otra que… no tenía nada interesante que compartir. Ahora que me estoy llevando la cámara cuando viajo, quién sabe… tal vez pueda postear algo que valga la pena.
Me parece que el post de hoy entra en la categoría ‘qué lindo’. :-) Estoy acostumbrado a ver escenas como ésta en casa, pero de todos modos paré y salí del auto cuando ví a estos chiquitos cruzar la calle delante de mí.
Aren’t they cute? – No son lindos?
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  1. I notice you don't have any pics of their poop; kinda takes the "cute" out of the picture, doesn't it?! LOL Very nice pics :)

  2. I so love goslings! They are just too adorable!

  3. Cute is right. I'm surprised the mom and dad let you get close enough for these awesome shots.

  4. Oh My Goodness!
    So sososososososososo cute (and beautiful photos to boot).

  5. I love all of 'em, but the second one is my favorite! Great job!

  6. These babies are cute! But isn't it a little dangerous for them to be so near the road?

  7. Oh, I love this time of year for the that! I don't mind being a little delayed when the reason is a gaggle of babies :)

  8. This reminds me of the book Make Way for Ducklings...Adorable (spelled the same in both languages, right?)

  9. Hey there!! I missed you my friend!! You're not doing WW, and I quit photohunt and Wordless Wednesday. Just this week I was wondering how you were doing!!
    I hope you're well?

    Love your pictures Gabriel they're great!!

  10. Que riiic... digo, digo... que lindos!

  11. desmaye de la ternura---Yo amo los patitos!!!!


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