Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Silly Monkey Stories #43 - Toasted

USA 18/Apr/2009 – Carolina (12) and Juan (10)
We were talking about my imminent trip to USA and, trying to get the kids jealous, I tried to make them believe that I was going to spend the whole time at the beach (As if! I have slept two hours since yesterday at 6:00 AM). So I said that I was going to go to a tanning place and get really tanned (which in Spanish is the same word as ‘toasted’). That was enough for the kids to go into attack mode:
- You? Toasted? Bwahaahaa… Are they going to put butter on top of your belly?
- No, maybe maple syrup…
- No, no, scrambled eggs and bacon!!!
- Do you imagine the size of the toaster oven that will fit that butt?
And that wasn’t it yet, but I ran away crying… The kids are growing, evidently. This used to be easier –and less painful– for me.
Argentina 18/Abr/2009 –  Carolina (12) y Juan (10)
Hablábamos de mi inminente viaje a USA y, tratando de poner celosos a los chicos, les quise hacer creer que me la iba a pasar en la playa (Como si pudiera! He dormido dos horas desde ayer a las 6:00 AM). Luego dije que me iba a ir a un lugar con camas solares para volver bien ‘tostado’. Eso fue suficiente para que los chicos pasaran al ataque:
- Vos? Tostado? Jaaaaaajajaja… Qué te vas a poner, manteca en tu panza?
- No, a lo mejor jarabe de maple…
- No, no, huevos revueltos con tocino!!!
- Te imaginás el tamaño de la tostadora para meter semejante c*lo?
Y eso no fue todo, pero yo salí corriendo llorando… Los chicos están creciendo, evidentemente. Antes era más fácil –y menos doloroso- para mí.
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  1. Aprovechá que vos todavía sos mas grandote!

  2. Oh I hate it when my comments backfire like that! I hope you have a good trip and do return with a lovely tan.

  3. Quiero creer que habrás pegado un par de gritos y todos a dormir sin comer !
    Hábrase visto tamaña (sin ofender) falta de respeto.

  4. Ooo ouch! Mean kids, funny though.

  5. Lo peor es que ellos so mayoría!

  6. Oh my! The comment about the size of the toaster was brutal!! LOL! Your kids really are growing up.

  7. Oh, I came for your WW and I'm too early, but what a great Silly Monkey story instead


  9. My children are like that to me sometimes, but I should know better, coz I'm the mom, ahahahah! So, I try to be more smart the next time i try to pull a prank on them...ahahha!


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