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Blog reviews #01 - MommaWannabe


CanadaI participated in a contest organized by Yen @, in which I was part of the 'First Prize package’. As you may see on the left sidebar, I will feature an ad of the winning blog for a month, and I’m also writing a review about the winning blog (MommaWannabe, by Jade).

Having to write this review gave me the idea of turning this into a regular section, as there are many blogs I visit and like but I almost never talk about (one perfect example is the fantastic “The Right Blue” I mentioned yesterday). It seems like a rip-off of Ale’s “Profiles”, but in reality I’m reviewing the blog, not the author. So there. :-)

Jade is a young lady who was born in Philippines (which would make her a ‘Pinay’ lady, according to their slang). She has lived in Holland for a few years and is now residing in Singapore. Author of “Pinay Jade” for almost a year and also of “The Pinay blogger”, she started her new blog “Momma Wannabe” back in August. In it, she tells us about her plans of starting a family (she’s been married for six years, but doesn’t have children yet). Everything seems to indicate that Jade is a typical example of a) the incredibly fruitful Filipino blogging scene (I’m amazed at the number of blogs from people either living in there or Filipino ‘ex-pats’ that I’ve found) and b) what many called (not without sarcasm) a “SAHM blog” or a “Mommy blog”. Even though most people refer to these categories in an almost diminishing way, I don’t agree. After all, many of the blogs I read almost daily would belong to this category, like Sarcastic Mom, Secret Agent Mama or Miserable Bliss… And believe me, you want to check those out!


But what really attracts me about Jade’s blog is that it is as eclectic and unpredictable as… mine. :-) She will tell you something about her family today, then post a Wordless Wednesday and the following day she will talk about the Formula 1 race in Singapore (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?). She has really good photos, and hers is a very aesthetically designed blog (at least from my point of view). As I told you before, there’s a lot of ‘social’ content in there, that reflects that Filipino blogger scene to which she belongs (and explains why you find so much info about blogging contests or Entrecard points, something I should talk about as well). Here are a few posts I recommend you reading:

* “I am so sad” y “Child abused, spirit damaged”, which deal with a very difficult family moment she’s going through these days.
* “Have you ever almost died?”, talking about those ‘close calls’ we have had (well, at least I have!)
* “The worst fashion trends”, a very funny one

Pay Jade a visit and let her know that you come from here. She’s a very active blogger, so I bet she will visit you back. I recommend this blog.

ArgentinaHe participado en un concurso que organizó Yen de, en el que yo formé parte del ‘paquete de Primer Premio’. Como podrán ver en mi sidebar, estoy mostrando una imagen del blog ganador por un mes, y también estoy escribiendo una revisión del mismo (que es MommaWannabe, escrito por Jade).

El tener que escribir este artículo me dio la idea de crear una sección fija en la que voy a revisar algunos de los blogs que visito y poco les cuento de ellos (como el fantástico “The Right Blue” del que hablé ayer) . Parece un ‘choreo’ al Ale y sus “Prontuarios”, pero yo voy a hablar del blog, no del autor. Así que ahí tienen. :-)

rss_jade2 Jade es una joven señora que nació en Filipinas (lo que la convierte en una ‘chica Pinay’, de acuerdo con su lunfardo). Vivió unos años en Holanda y ahora lo hace en Singapur. Autora de “Pinay Jade” por casi un año, así como también de “The Pinay blogger”, ella comenzó un nuevo blog “Momma Wannabe” en Agosto. En él, nos contará de sus planes de iniciar una familia (está casada desde hace 6 años, pero aún no tiene niños). Todo parecería indicar que Jade es un típico exponente de a) la increíblemente fructífera escena blogueril filipina (me impresiona la cantidad de blogs de ese país o de ‘ex-pats’ de ese país que he encontrado) y b) lo que algunos denominan (no sin un poco de displicencia) un ‘SAHM blog’ o ‘Mommy blog’. Si bien este útimo grupo es por lo general mecionado en forma casi despectiva, yo no concuerdo. Después de todo, muchos de los blogs que leo casi a diario pertenecen a esa categoría, como Sarcastic Mom, Secret Agent Mama o Miserable Bliss… todos blogs altamente recomendables.

Sin embargo, lo que más me atrae del blog de Jade es que es tan ecléctico e impredecible como… el mío. :-) Hoy te cuenta una historia sobre su familia, mañana pone un Wordless Wednesday y luego comenta acerca de la carrera de Formula 1 en Singapur (suena familiar?). Saca muy buenas fotografias y tiene un muy buen criterio estético (su blog está muy bien diseñado, al menos desde mi punto de vista). Como les conté, hay mucho contenido ‘social’, que refleja ese rico ambiente de bloggers filipinos en el que se mueve (de ahí que haya tanta informaciones sobre concursos o premios en puntos de Entrecard, algo de lo que debería hablar también). Algunos post que recomiendo leer son:

* “I am so sad” y “Child abused, spirit damaged”, que cuentan una durísima historia familiar por la que está pasando
* “Have you ever almost died?”, que habla sobre esos ‘close calls’ que uno tiene con la muerte (yo tuve varios!)
* “The worst fashion trends”, que me divirtió bastante

Péguenle una visita a Jade y háganle saber que vienen desde aquí, por favor. Activa como es, seguro que les devolverá la visita y hasta tal vez sepa escribirles algo en español. Les recomiendo el blog.


  1. Voy a pasar por su blog co ncalma, parece que tiene bastante para ver.Me gusta la caricatura que se hizo

  2. Tambien voy a visitarla... gracias por el dato!

  3. Awww, thanks for the link to my blog! Now I'm blushing and grinning..On a totally unrelated note, I am POSITIVE I saw Gaby (and Florencia? maybe?) at Zellers last week. The one on Bridgeport. I came VERY close to running over to say "HEY! HI!" but realized she'd have no idea who I was and that might be a little weird for her... :)

  4. Violet, what a surprise!!! Do you actually read my blog, or was this a 'Technorati reactions' thing? :-)Re: Gaby and Florencia, yes, it was them, as they were buying a couple of gifts for my brothers in Argentina. You should have totally introduced yourself, first because nothing about me will surprise Gaby anymore and second because... I also made Gaby read your blog! :-)))

  5. Oh, by the way... you have always been in my blogroll and you're not now!!! I have to go and check what happened, because my English blogroll seems just too small. Must be a 'blogrolling' thing...

  6. Hi there,Thanks so much for this great review. I appreciate it alot, sorry it took awhile for me to check it out. It's just been crazy around here.I wish you a Happy Holidays!


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