Saturday, September 06, 2008

PhotoHunt #04 - String

CanadaThis week's challenge is a tough one! I'm late (sorry, I was busy all day and I had no connection), and I have virtually no pictures that involve strings...
Then yet again, I had a meeting with other Latin American professionals in Toronto last night, and by the end of the evening I was already surrounded by strings...
ArgentinaEl challenge de esta semana es difícil! Encima, llego tarde (perdón, pero estuve ocupado todo el día y no tenía conexión), y prácticamente no tengo fotos que tengan que ver con cuerdas.
Pero claro, anoche tuve una reunión con otros profesionales latinos en Toronto, y para el final de la velada ya estaba rodeado de cuerdas (pero no de locas), como siempre...
I don't think I can come up with more than this today...
No creo que pueda conseguir más que esto para hoy...
Oh, no! WAIT!!! I have another one, an old one, actually... can you see the string there?
Oh, no! ESPEREN!!! Tengo otra, algo vieja, ahora que recuerdo... pueden ver el hilo allí?
It worked! I pulled Santi's first tooth in August of 2002
Funcionó! Le saqué su primer diente a Santi allí por Agosto de 2002
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  1. is that like some cell/small gp gathering? i miss those days. lol.your link at tnchick didn't work, btw.

  2. I play the guitar too! Nice photos!

  3. I don't understand what the linking thing means..sorry...but i enjoyed the pics, as always.

  4. it was a challenging theme this week and you came up with some good ones. The tooth-pulling string is very unique and the boy is so cute! Happy weekend.

  5. jua jua, que creativo resultaste con la busqueda de la foto!

  6. La del diente es de caricaturas!


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