Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Winners #23 - Jul/06 to Jul/12

Today's theme: Strawberries

Me, Gaby, the kids and our 'niece' Tathy went to a farm to pick up strawberries today.

You only need to drive for about 5' to see scenes like this in Waterloo Region

Getting close to the farm

If you look closely, you will find Gaby and the girls in the back

IMG_0254 IMG_0255
Left: Juan and Gaby - Right: Caro and Tathy (my back hurts just by watching)

IMG_0259 IMG_0263
Are they good? Yup, it seems they are...

IMG_0267 IMG_0271
The girls worked very hard...

IMG_0268 IMG_0274
...but the boys weren't overly interested.

Yes, Tathy, I think you have enough...

I'm not eating that, no matter how cute you are... :-)

The loot, at $1.25 per pound. Notice the soccer ball just beside.
Soccer is everywhere in our lives...

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  1. Pero qué pinta tan estupenda tienen esas fresas.!!! Qué ricasssssssssss.Un saludo!P.D. Seguro que coger uno mismo las fresas fue divertidísimo además de una tareas muy educativa para vivir en familia.♥

  2. Oh, what great shots! My mom used to love to pick blueberries and strawberries, and I loved what she cooked with them. Really pretty farm, too.

  3. These are wonderful photos!I would love to do that, one day, go strawberry picking. Will have to put that on my to do list...

  4. Wow that looks like awesome fun and mm strawberries -Tiff I am coming with you.My WW is up< HREF="" REL="nofollow">My Little Drummer Boys<>

  5. K & B would be in heaven with all those strawberries. They'd eat them all before we even got them home. :)

  6. Wow they must have worked hard to pick all those yummy strawberries! When we went strawberry picking, Jake's got covered in red strawberry juice. LOL!!

  7. Que envidia!!!! Yo quiero!!! Pero todas requieren de un carro :( estan lejos... Algun dia será, mientras disfruto con tus fotos!Saludos!

  8. What a fun outing - those are great pictures!! They look delicious too!

  9. Wow my back aches too at some of those shots. lol...looks fun and yummy!

  10. Great shots. It looks so pretty there.

  11. I didn't leave a link on Mr. Linky because I am not participating but I did love your post. I hope the berries were as tasty as they looked.

  12. Mmm, que rico! No dejo de imaginarme el aroma de esas frutillas!!

  13. Doy fé de que esas fresas saben como ningunas otras en el mundo. Nosotros lo único que hemos ido a recoger al campo desde que vivimos en Canadá son calabazas y manzanas, pero me has inspirado para el próximo año!!!Qué delicia va a hacer Gaby con las fresas?

  14. Mmmmm Delicioso!Great set of pictures, Gabriel!!

  15. I am so making the husband go with me and the kids to pick berries - but I'm holding out for raspberries cuz I KNOW I'll finish eating them before they go bad!!

  16. We used to do that with blackberries when I was a kid. I LOVE those memories. Makes me think I need to drag my kids to the orchards around here when peach season comes.Great pictures!!

  17. I love the colors in that last picture! Yum!

  18. MMMM I LOVE strawberries!!Great photos, looks like you had a great day! :)

  19. Que delicia!!!! Yo quiero... el plan se ve de lo mejor, y luego la recompensa de comerse las fresitas... mmmmmmmm, que envidia, me gustan las fresas!

  20. ooohhh YUM! my daughter would LOVE to do this!


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