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Stealing posts #03 - It seems easy...


CanadaToday's post is stolen from Jacqueline's fantastic "Casi en Serio". Jacquie went through a list of things she wants her daughters (have you seen her daughters? They're beautiful! Just wait and see the picture below) to remember from her past lives in Venezuela, and things that she wants them to incorporate in their new lives as Canadians.

I went through the list and I found it so right! It has everything I want my kids to remember and learn. I told Jacquie I was going to steal her post, so here it goes!

(The original post in Spanish can be found here)


El post de hoy se lo robé a Jacqueline, autora del fantástico "Casi en Serio". Jacquie compiló una lista de cosas que quiere que sus hijas (han visto a sus hijas? Son hermosas!) recuerden de sus vidas en Venezuela y cosas que quiere que incorporen a sus nuevas vidas como canadienses.

Leí la lista de punta a punta, y era perfecta! Tiene todo lo que quiero que mis hijos recuerden y aprendan. Le dije a Jacquie que le iba a 'robar' el post, y soy un hombre de palabra!

(El post original en español puede ser visto aquí)

Things I want my daughters to remember as Venezuelans:
  • To speak -but even more importantly, to write- good Spanish
  • That Latin America is one, and that those ancient grudges are not for us to carry on.
  • Solidarity, empathy and collaboration.
  • That we celebrate, we hug, we laugh, we turn anything into a joke, we treat each other with familiarity, and we speak LOUDLY.
  • That beautiful, warm and loving relationship between a teacher and a student.
  • That our food is 'a galaxy' better than the Canadian.
  • That we're not only kind, we are also affectionate.
  • That it's not called soccer, it's football (p l e a s e)
  • That we always try to look presentable because looks do matter, no matter what they say.
  • That our family is the center of our world, the first and foremost thing in our lives.

Things I want my daughters to learn from the Canadians:

  • That being 'the smartest' or 'the liveliest' is not a skill.
  • That you practice Ecology a little every day, and you don't brag about it.
  • That going out for a walk should produce joy, not fear.
  • That you cannot skip school without calling and giving an explanation.
  • That when they say 'the party is at 5', it doesn't mean you can show up at 6 or 7.
  • That gardening not only makes your house look more beautiful, but also your life.
  • That your loud music and your dog barking must not disturb other people's peace of mind.
  • That you only cross the street by the 'stripes', and that going around the city in your bike is wonderful.
  • That all green spaces are to be enjoyed to the fullest.
  • That sharing our daily lives with people from all races, backgrounds and countries of origin is natural, and it makes as richer persons.
  • That you can have any religion, or no religion at all, and nobody will make a fuss about that.

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  1. Jackie maravillosa como siempre... le dan a uno ganas de robarle el blog entero!

  2. Gracias Gab!!!Hubo una tormenta en la madrugada y llevo todo el dia sin internet, estoy robandome la senal de alguien ahora.HE SIDO TRADUCIDA A OTRO IDIOMA!!!!Que honor tan grande! Gracias Gabriel y un beso tambien a Maria Clara :)


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