Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekly Winners #21 - Jun/22 to Jun/28

I'll do the same I did last week, and will post the 'runner up' pictures, those that didn't make it to the blog...
Like for example, these ones of the HUGE storm we caught on Sunday afternoon somewhere in Northern Michigan
Temperature dropped from 24ºC to 9ºC in just 3 minutes!
It looked like it had snowed...
This lasted for a good 10 kilometres or more
Now a different set; pictures from Sault Ste. Marie, ON and the soccer field where Santi played
Juan by the St. Marys River, just outside from our hotel
This is the Edison Sault Electric Building,  built in 1898. It has 78 horizontal AC generators (the longest of its kind in the world).
It has the capability to generate 36 MW of power.
Hey, I learned something! :-)
Can you see the fish? 
Santi warming up
Then the goalkeeper got injured, so he had to play the rest of the first half in net.
The goalkeeper came back, so Santi played up front in the second half 
And now, some silliness!
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  1. LOVE the last shot.And WOW! Crazy weather!

  2. That storm is crazy! The last shot looks like much fun. :)

  3. My little David was on my lap while I was looking at your pictures and for every shot he babbled something about it!! LOL It was too cute!Great shots; love, love the last one!

  4. That shot of the view just outside your hotel is really nice!And that storm... ugh... doesn't sound fun.The last photo is really silly... I love it.

  5. That last shot is great!! Everybody needs be that silly at least once a day!

  6. That storm is crazy!!!Looks like a fun week - and love the silliness!

  7. Yes! the silliness is catching on!! Love the last photo. Love to see having a good time. And father and son silliness is even better!

  8. That storm looks horrific! Love the view from the hotel & the fish one! The ones of the soccer game are cute & that last one is the BEST :)

  9. I can't believe that weather. My favorite was the last pic. Too silly and cute!


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