Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday's Feast #26

Appetizer - Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist?
Mostly optimistic when it's about finances, health or some kind of a family problem. Then mostly pessimistic when it's about me or my career. But in general, I always have a positive attitude towards everything.
Soup - What is your favourite colour of ink to write with?
That's odd, I was just talking about that at work today! There is this dark blue pen that I bought at an Office Depot long ago, and I love that colour. It came in a blister along with a dark green one and a purple one, and they're all great. I alternate the three of them, but that dark, grayish blue one is my favourite.
Salad - How often do you get a manicure or pedicure?  Do you do them yourself or go to a salon and pay for them?
Never. Or should I say, I had a pedicure once because I had an ingrown toenail. It was incredibly painful, and my toe stunk because of the infection. I thought the poor lady was about to puke. Now I clip my toenails by myself.
Main Course - Have you ever won anything online?  If so, what was it?
Besides the occasional eBay auction, nothing. Oh, of course, I get e-mails from UK and Africa saying that I have won $10M almost everyday. Does it count? ;-)
Dessert - In which room in your house do you keep your home computer?
It's in a small passage between the living room and the dining room. A very strategic point. The kids have theirs downstairs, in the family room.
Good questions today!
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  1. Hi Gabriel. Great feast! LOL about the main course.

  2. it is always nice to always have a positive outlook about everything...wish i was like that too...mine is now served. hope you can drop by:< HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>Happy FF!

  3. Nice feast. Oddly enough, I get those emails, too, except mine tend to come from Nigeria. Or Canada. The amount of times I've won the Canadian lottery is amazing - especially as there's no such thing, LOL. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Great feast today! Love your answer to the main course. I get those all the time too.Mine's up...come on over.Also, I'd like to ask you to answer the question I have in the post below my feast. THANKS!Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Pretty much any shade of blue is my favorite ink color. :)Feastie!

  6. Great feast Gabriel! Your pedicure sounds like it was painful.

  7. Nice feast...uh, yea, I think your toe would've made me throw up! lolHave a great weekend!

  8. You did receive a very special Father's Day tribute! I can understand the tears. Great feast, you should try a pedicure with well toes sometime. It's really nice!

  9. Thanks for visiting! Our kids have their computer right out in the open too. Strategic point so as I can "keep tabs" on them without them being too aware. ;)You should be proud. That was such a wonderful tribute from your son. I could tell how much love he has for you. You are a blessed man, indeed. :) Happy Father's Day this Sunday and every day.

  10. Barf on the toe nail! LOLWhat I meant about medium blue ink was the medium point, not fine, in regular blue! LOLNice feast! Have a great Father's Day!

  11. Great feast and I'm happy if the pen works.I'll pop over and see your father day posting.Thanks for visiting

  12. Funny - I get those kinds of "you won" or "you inherited" emails all the time, too! Never knew I had so many people who loved me in Africa!Happy Friday! I'm really late getting my FF up, but come visit if you get the chance!

  13. LOL at your main course, I get those emails all the time too :D


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