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Where were you? - #07

CanadaThe "Where were you" experiment seems to be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that I am going to do a half-assed job with this one.
The theme for today's game is 'My first times'. I've read an interesting article at "Divaguemos" (sorry, it's in Spanish) where the author talked about how us immigrants like to write about our 'first times' here in Canada. I myself have fallen into temptation more than once, so I decided it would be interesting to tempt you! But don't worry, I won't be asking you about your lives in Canada, because more than half of my readers don't live here!
So... where were you...
1) ...the first time you were given a ticket (speeding, DUI, enter your reason)? 
I think that the first time I was stopped by a policeman was when I was about 20 years old. I was driving in downtown Buenos Aires, taking a 3 year old kid named Benjamin to his home (he was the son of my mother's girlfriend). I was driving down on Corrientes Ave (it's a one way avenue), and made an innocent left turn on Avenue 9th of July (with green light). In the picture, I would be by the obelisk, coming from right to left, and then turning left at the corner.
I was immediately stopped by the police guy, who told me that in order to do that, I should have moved to the rightmost lane and then take a roundabout that was there. The guy then proceeded to say "well, how do you want to fix this?", which in Argentina means "how much money do you have to bribe me, so I don't give you the ticket?". I wasn't going to bribe a cop! I told him "You know, I haven't seen any signs, but if you say it's an illegal turn, then you have to give me the ticket". The cop could not believe his ears.
We continued talking with the cop trying to get a bribe and me refusing to give him any money, until the guy gave up and let me go.
2) ...the first time you kissed a girl / boy? 
I was on a train, coming back from a rock concert in Morón, just outside Buenos Aires. I had been invited by Daniela, a girl from school who I liked and happened to have two tickets. I am man enough to admit that not only she was the one who asked me out, she also took the initiative and kissed me first. Even more, I was caught so off guard, that I came off as not knowing how to kiss, if you know what I mean. That paid off, eventually, because she dedicated a few days to teaching me. ;-)
3) ...the first time you got into a fight? 
I was in Necochea, my hometown. I was in school, and I was in grade four. don't remember what the reason was, of course, but somehow I got into a fight with Eduardo, who not only was my schoolmate but also my neighbour (he lived just around the corner). We fought for about two minutes outside of school, and then... walked back home together! :-)
The funny thing is that even though I don't remember having connected a single hand, I was declared the winner. A few years later, the same thing happened. I got into a fight with a guy who was mad at me for not having helped him during a test (he even wasn't a friend of mine). I didn't want to fight, so all I did was protect myself while he was throwing punches. Once our friends came to separate us, he was bleeding from his nose... and I didn't even have a scratch! :-)
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  1. 1) I never was given a ticket. Pero recuerdo una vez que veniamos desde Jujuy en el Torino de mi viejo y nos pararon en un checkpoint en Tucuman, pues habiamos sobrepasado el limite de 40KM per hour!!!!!!!!! que habian dispuesto los milicos. Nos pararon, y nos hicieron regresar al punto donde estaba el cartel anunciando ese limite. Mi viejo circulaba a 45!!! y lo volvieron a parar. Se acerco un oficial y nos dijo... "señor, lo dejo pasar porque va con su familia, pero sepa que tenemos orden de abrir fuego si alguien supera el limite". Glup!
    2) In the cinema. My first girlfriend. Nearly... 1973 i guess.
    3) At school. In Pehuajo city. I was 13. No se porque pavada nos empezamos a pegar con un compañero con el cual, obviamente, terminamos muy amigos. Kids!.

  2. 2.- La primeria pelea seria fue cuando tenia 10 a&os en el parque del barrio con un vecino de 12 que estaba buscando camorra y se creia el unico que podia repartir cates.
    Estuvo buena, los dos salimos raspados, pero él se llevo un ojo morado y todos se burlaron durante semanas.
    A partir de ahi me respeto, lo mismo sus amigos.


  3. Mi comentario no tiene nada que ver con el post. Solo queria decirte que veo la imagen del Obelisco y me dan ganas de ir un rato y perderme por Av Corrientes, Florida, Av. Cordoba, Av. Santa Fe, etc.. En pocas palabras, pasear por el microcentro y sentarme a tomar un cafe con un amigo o sola.

  4. Noooo Nata!!!, no sabés el quilombo que está en estos días!!
    Bueno, o hace 10 días, jeje

    Hoy juego desde acá:

    1) 1st ticket... 20 days ago!, can you believe it??, just 10 days before I left Argentina (speeding of course LOL)

    2) Typical stereotype: on a cinema and I was so worried because I didn't know how to kiss!!! (and it was so bad I hated it!)

    3) Can't really remember. I've been flying since I was a baby because I was born a month early and my bones weren't all that strong so my parents had to take me to BsAs at least twice a year to check me up. Now my husband says I have hips to host 3 babies without any problems


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