Monday, May 05, 2008

Where were you? - #05

CanadaI had a low attendance last week, but I'm still not giving up. Mariposa loved my theme for last week, which was "Short term memory". Let's see what you think about this week's!

Remember, you don't necessarily need to remember exactly what you were doing that same day at that same time. If, for example, I ask about January 2005, you might be able to come up with whatever you were doing during those days, whether you remember that specific day or not. Consider the event a trigger, not a condition.

So, today's theme is... Canadian Holidays

Now, where were you...

1) ...last Canada Day? (01/Jul/2007)
We were just back from our trip to Widgawa. We had had a great time with our Argentine and Uruguayan (and Chilean!) friends over there. We went to see the fireworks at Columbia Lake that night, I remember we parked in the back and walked a lot to get to the spot from where we would watch the show. We sat really close to the little island where they set them and it was great (and loud!).

I was still blogging only in English back them, and my posts were terrible! Yes, even worse than now! :-)

2) ...last Boxing Day? (26/Dec/2007)
We had just celebrated Christmas, and Florencia was really happy about what she had gotten!

On Boxing Day, we finally gave in to peer pressure and we took our kids to the mall. It was a nuthouse, of course. But it was still fun. We returned some gifts, exchanged some other and the kids got really happy with some crappy video game they got a 50% discount on... Then we ran away as fast as we could.

The trees were all covered in white, and that was an spectacular show on itself.

UPDATE: Biddie just reminded me of another thing we did that day. In the afternoon, we went to the hospital to pay her beautiful daughter Jessica a visit. Biddie and Shawn were there, with Kayla (but not KC); we got to meet their friend Heidi and her family as well.

3) ...last Family Day? (18/Feb/2007)
This was the newest addition to the Ontarian Calendar, as we had our first ever this very year.

We didn't do anything special that day, just stayed home. I was still celebrating my first prize in the Canadian Blog awards, and dealing with sudden fame; I actually received another award from Mariposa that same day.

Ah, that's the thing with the awards. Got me many new friends, lost me others... I think I'm better off now. :-)

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  1. Hmmm..I really can't recall last Canada Day. I think that we at home with sparklers and fireworks of our own.
    I do remember last Boxing Day. I was at the hospital eating my Christmas Dinner with Heidi and family - oh, my family, too, of course. Oh, wait, you and Gaby we there for a bit, too!
    Family Day we were all here, all three of the kids and Shawn, I think, hanging out.

  2. YOU'RE RIGHT!!! I must update my post, how could I have forgotten...


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